The Words of the Vincenz Family

Our Personal Danbury Course

Reiner Vincenz
February 1986

On July 26, 1984, our Father gave the world a historical message beginning with the words:

"My faith will not change, wherever I go. To say that your faith will never change means that your mind will never change. By the same token, the world that I am pursuing will not change, either. Wherever I go, whether to a high place or a low place, my life will be the same life."

In December Rev. Chang Sung Ahn, our IW and one of the 36 Couples, came to our region and visited us in Minneapolis. He spoke in great depth about Father's course in restoring the birthright by loving his enemies and the people around him.

His lecture moved me to tears, and I realized how small my understanding was about our True Father's sixth incarceration, this time in the leading Christian nation of the world.

I cannot help feeling ashamed towards God and our True Parents every day. My shame was great during Father's actual time in Danbury, but now my shame is so much greater, as I realize that Father had to go through Danbury because of us, because of me. Danbury became necessary because of me.

In the five times before, our Father was declared innocent. But now, the sixth time, a declaration of his innocence has not yet come. Every day when I wake up and God gives me a new day to invest myself in, I feel the overwhelming desire to hasten the declaration of his innocence, which must come from the Christian leadership and the government of the country that brought him to this modern-day crucifixion.

Father Asked Us to Create Our Own Danbury

When Father was released from Danbury prison, he asked us, his followers, to take up his burden and his cross. Father has asked us to create our own Danbury and do it for a period of three years. In my prayer since then there is very seldom a moment that this particular request of Father does not come to my mind.

This year of 1986 marks 50 years since God first spoke to our Father, saying, "Please take this mission in your hands." In the 50 years that have passed since then Father has had to go through prison six times. His imprisonment even surpassed Jesus' crucifixion, but Father successfully overcame his suffering. Thus Father could pay the price to Satan for all mankind to be saved. We members of the Unification Church have been given a chance to reach our final destination; we have received through our Father's imprisonment and victory the potential to arrive safely in the Promised Land. But it is we who have to accomplish the journey.

The world powers, good and evil, are preparing for the final battle, and the battleground is the mind of man. The followers of our Father must be the ones to determine the outcome of this final confrontation.

In prayer I have asked these questions so many times: Jesus, why are you not appearing on this earth more strongly in Christian circles? You saints and sages from the past, why do you appear so seldom in the Christians countries? The faith of many Catholics was renewed by the appearance of Mary in the beginning of this century in Fatima, Portugal, but as far as I know she hasn't appeared since then.

Why haven't there been any more of these kinds of appearances, especially since our Father accomplished so much in Danbury? Even in the moment I am writing these lines tears are coming to my eyes, and God is trying to tell me: It could not yet happen, because your part of Danbury is missing. Yes, my Heavenly Father, my part is not done, and unless I do it, Father's innocence and true nature cannot be revealed to very many people. What a deep, important part of the victory is still to be borne by me, what a great part, what a scary part, but also what a hopeful part!

How Much Are We Willing to Pay?

When I was 25 years of age I found the Principle. In a short period of 21 days I understood and accepted this new message and the reality of True Parents. A little while ago I passed my twenty-first birthday in our church. And since Father came back from prison, an unknown seriousness has surrounded me. In light of Father's Danbury fulfillment I feel that now I want to actually join this church again; I want to rededicate myself and become a true follower of our Father and Mother.

A short time ago the Christians of the world celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ. Our God sent Jesus to save and liberate us so that we could liberate God together, but every Christmas my heart is very sad. It must be the same with God and Jesus too, seeing the world celebrating the birth of the Son of God, but without knowing the meaning. For Jesus Christ Christmas is possibly the saddest moment of the year.

Jesus intended to liberate God's heart in his lifetime. Our Father came with the same intention. Satan tried his utmost to execute Father as he did Jesus, but Father resisted Satan's attack and successfully surmounted it.

Father told the world that the day he was released will be remembered for eternity. I feel that in order to make this happen I have to become successful in my own Danbury. Father paid the price. What about me?

How much do I really understand the meaning of my own Danbury course?

Our Heavenly Father is leading us with His son into Canaan. I have to ponder, am I ready? We all are now beginning this new, decisive year of 1986. Our hope is that the realization of our own personal Danbury and our commitment to it may be accepted as an offering on God's altar, so that Father's 40-year course can be extended to include our own three-year course.

Father said that if we want to make our own Danbury course, we will have to be willing to take up the worldwide cross. I can see that finding and teaching the 70,000 ministers in America is the beginning of this worldwide course. The beginning of the march into Canaan must be accomplished by us in 1986 if we want to succeed in our own Danbury course.

My Own Test of Faith

I'd like to share one example of my life of faith during this past year, which is for me an enormous source of strength.

For many years Father has entrusted my wife and me to lots of different missions around the world, and we have always accepted them with a thankful heart. Many members around the world call us "the suitcase couple" Last year our Father changed my mission from Chicago to Minneapolis. When this change took place, we discovered that my wife had cancer. I did not hesitate one second but left my wife in the hands of God and in the hands of our brothers and sisters in Chicago. Here in Minneapolis I jumped immediately into my mission. On the day of her operation 1 was deeply in prayer.

After a few hours of prayer, God confirmed to me that the scheduled operation had been completely successful. I immediately went back into my mission. Several hours later the hospital from Chicago confirmed the operation's success to me over the phone. I received the information thankfully but told them that already I knew it. What a great Heavenly Father we have!

Later on, my wife came to Minneapolis and joined me on the front line. A few months ago here we discovered the possible reappearance of cancer on my wife's shoulder. We did not want to pay attention to it at first, and we put our minds fully into the mission. But when the development looked more and more alarming, we made telephone calls to East Garden and to Japan.

In December my wife left for Isshin Hospital in Tokyo. Externally we said goodbye, but with our absolute faith we both know that since we were successful in the operation in Chicago, we also will be successful over this.

As each of us follows our True Parents loyally over several years, in a very natural way our faith is tested and proven on many stages. If we determine to become successful in our own Danbury, nothing can stop us from developing a deep, loving relationship with God and our True Parents. In 1985 I learned that the great tests of faith we accomplish successfully are the means God uses to give us strength to make us ready for our new journey -- entering into the Promised Land. 

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