The Words of the Vincenz Family

We Have to Pour Out Our Love to the World

Reiner Vincenz
May 18, 1976
Director of America the Beautiful

God's desire is to have a world of order and cleanliness; Satan's desire is to have a world of disorder and dimness. Man is in the middle of these two worlds. Whether he chooses cleanliness or dirtiness makes him closer to God or Satan.

Through the fall, man became very insensitive to his world. If he were sensitive, he would be unhappy to see something unclean. Right away this would stimulate him to clean it up. In New York we see many dirty areas. This shows us that the people have lost their sensitivity. Otherwise, they could not even walk through a dirty street. This is on' reason why we have so many negative spirits in the city of New York. A dirty environment attracts very low spirits.

If we are to become lords of creation, then we have the creation in our hands. If we have God's spirit in us, the creation must respond to this feeling and become free. This is why, from the beginning, Father was so eager to clean the city.

Father wants to bring new life to New York: this is not done only with our message or our way of living. We can never implant our message or way of life into a dirty city because it would not have any impact. For the people to be receptive to God's word, they have to live in a good environment. This is why Father said to clean the city physically and spiritually. We clean in the early morning and afterwards witness in the same area. We first clean our house where we will bring God's message. Through this cleaning we are stimulating very good people and opening the way for good spirits to work for us.

I remember when Father spoke to the members restoring the headquarters building, he said, "When you clean this building you must love the stones and the floors because no one has loved them for a long time." The world has had no one to love it. Surely no one has loved the city of New York. We cannot merely love people, we also have to pour out our love to the world. Otherwise the people and environment will conflict.

Through this campaign I hope that we can create a new feeling in the people for their surroundings. I expect that the desire to have a clean city will snowball. Many people will join in, responding to their newly discovered feeling that they want to have a clean city. Then God has a better chance to come. I hope that when we succeed in New York, we will go all over America. 

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