The Words of the Vincenz Family

On World Day, the Korean Ambassador in France, Mr. Soo Yung Lee, Minister Youn came to us

Reiner and Barbara Vincenz
June 10, 1971
Paris, France

Singing "Tong-il" at the meeting with His Excellency Ambassador Lee (First from left, font row)

The time flies faster and faster and again 4 weeks of activities our Heavenly Father and a hard struggle against Satan has past. After representing "Tong-Il Industrie France" at the "International Exhibition of Paris" we prepared big boards and mobile for another exhibition called "Solutions for Pollution". We were not allowed to present any religious or political text, so we emphasized the Principle of Creation, showing that only if man finds the origin of pollution and will be able to control the world by love and wisdom the problem of pollution will be solved. This exhibition will last for a month.

World Day has been most wonderful for the whole French family. For the first time in France members from centers in Lyon, Lille and Neuilly came together with the brothers and sisters in Paris. All arriving Friday night in order to start early on Saturday morning with reports and a training program. Since not all could stay until Monday, we celebrated world Day on Sunday, starting with a worship service at 5 a. m. at the Holy Ground. Afterwards, we went for a long walk enjoying the beautiful creation and feeling very close to our Heavenly Father. For 10 a.m. we had invited our friends for singing and a lecture in our second center. In the afternoon the family went to headquarters for the World Day ceremony. Everybody was filled with Divine Love and joy being united spiritually with our True Parents and brothers and sisters everywhere in the world. With new strength, new ideas, new determination everybody was eager to return to mission work.

On World Day, May 24, the Korean Ambassador in France Mr. Soo Young Lee, Minister Youn and Counsellor Se Jae Lee came to us. We opened the evening with 2 Korean songs Tong Bang E" and" Tong II" and followed with a lecture on World Restoration. Afterwards the Ambassador talked to us shortly about history of Korea and the situation today, emphasizing Import-Export business. He promised to help wherever he can. After serving refreshments we all set in a circle, talking informally together and giving a testimony. All our guests were very much surprised about our deep love and dedication for Korea. It was a long evening, the spiritual atmosphere was very high and we all were thankful to our Heavenly Father and our True Parents who had made this day possible. Since then we receive every week Korean newspapers and important books. May a close relationship with Embassy help to open more doors for our movement!

Our main work is always to find prepared people through personal contact. Every evening, right after work our members speak to people at subway station and later on we are staying until 11-12 p.m. with our big boards at Blvd. Saint Germaine talking to many people.

But it seems, as if the people become more and more confused and satanic. Sodom and Gomorra cannot have been worse. But all this cannot stop us. With a thankful heart and deep love we follow our beloved Parents, calling the people to wake up and have part in the sunrise.

All in the French family want to express their deep love to our Father, Mother, the Children, to you and all in the Divine Principle Family.

In the Name of our True Parents,
Reiner and Barbara Vincenz 

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