The Words of the Vincenz Family

Through wonderful guidance we found a second center in Paris

Reiner and Barbara Vincenz
May 10, 1971
Paris, France

Dear Mr. [Young Hwi] Kim:

The French family would like to send her love and thanks to our True Parents, to you and the family. The past weeks have been filled with activities and success for our Heavenly Father. Through a wonderful guidance we have found a second center in Paris. It is located in the city (first center is in the northwest) in a good middle class area close to universities. Here we have our first official lecture rooms with an own entry directly from the street, and in the first floor an apartment which allows our members to live as a family together. This center is really a present from Heaven and all the difficulties and barriers which were given to us in our headquarters could be solved and both centers serve us excellently now. For the last weeks we have been very busy fixing the place, but now all is finished. People are invited 3 times a week for introduction lecture and many appointments are made for further studies.

On March 28, we have opened a center with Miss Anne Reden and Miss Rachel Eden in Neuilly. This city is very close to Paris and more and more it becomes a new business center for Paris, besides many influential people live there. Already very good contacts could be made, and we pray that doors may be opened for greater work of our Heavenly Father.

In Lille, Henri and Hilde [Blanchard] are very active building a strong foundation. The first person, an engineering student from Brussels has moved into the center. For bringing the next person into the family the three together made the condition walking 40km around the city of Lille.

Therese has shared recently one weekend with us in Paris. She told us that in Lyon a great percentage of the population is from North Africa, and that of ten only Arabic people are around her. Therese must work very carefully and wisely not to be attacked.

One weekend Mr. Robert Brandner came with the first follower from Luxemburg. It was a great joy for the whole family.

At the present time, for 14 days, we have the wonderful opportunity to represent "Tong-il Industrie France" at the International Exhibition of Paris. The Korean Trade Center has given us space at their place and people are very interested in our product.

Everyone in the family is so grateful to do this pioneering work for our Heavenly Father. The negative force becomes stronger and stronger but our determination to win this last battle also.

With all our love in the Name of our True Parents,
Reiner and Barbara Vincenz 

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