The Words of the Vincenz Family

Henri and Hilde Blanchard are opening a center in Lille

Reiner and Barbara Vincenz
March 5, 1971
Paris, France

A car of Tong-il Industry Co, in France

Many, many thanks for all the news we receive through "The Way of the World". We are very grateful for hearing now more about the activities of our Beloved Parents and the Family in Korea, and we want to express our thanks our intensive work here.

On February 16th we have brought Henri and Hilde Blanchard to Lille in order to establish a new center of our movement there. Lille is in the north of France, has lots of industry and is known for its good university. We have observed that the people from the north are much stronger physically and spiritually, and it is our great hope to find many people who want to help restoring this world.

Henri and Hilde Blanchard arriving in Lille, France

Now we get more and more in contact with newspapers and radio. For a program, broadcasted in many countries, we could speak for 15 minutes of our movement. May the world wake up and recognize the mighty works of our heavenly Father in our time.

We are working closely with the Korean Trade Center and also see a good future with Korean Air Lines, who are going to establish a direct airway Seoul-Paris. The director of KAL will arrive in Paris March 15th.

We were very happy having Mr. Woo Suk Kang, a student of our Japanese Family for a few days in Paris. The family could learn a lot from him.

Our work in Lyon is going well. Everybody is very busy searching for the lost children of God.

All in the French Family like to send their love to Our True Parents and all brothers and sisters.

In the Name of our True Parents,
Reiner and Barbara Vincenz 

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