The Words of the Vincenz Family

Everyone worked with joy to restore the Paris Center for Divine Principle work

Reiner and Barbara Vincenz
May 30, 1970
Boulogne, France

Dear Family,

We like to express our thanks again and again for "The Way of the World" which serves as a wonderful bridge between our brothers and sisters everywhere in the world.

During the month of May it has been our main work fixing up the new center in Paris. The place had been in horrible conditions and everyone worked hard with great joy restoring it for the Divine Principle work. Since all things are very expensive in France we went twice with the bus to Germany to buy most of the material for the apartment. We mention this here, because it has shown us again that for an expert-import business France has difficulties to compete. Also the administration work goes very slowly and is complicated. Many ways one has to do and lots of time and patience is needed to accomplish each little thing.

We eagerly waited for Teddy Verheyen's return from Korea and when we heard about a conference in Essen, we quickly changed our plans and 13 members of France went to Essen-Center. It was a great experience for each one of us. The conference was very well organized and we are very thankful for all the informations Teddy brought to us from Our True Parents and our homeland. It is new our greatest desire to deeply understand the plans of Our Master for Europe and accomplish them.

We are now in the process of establishing the "International Federation for Victory Over Communism" in Paris, and we can say our Heavenly Father is already helping us in this project.

May the people of the world quickly wake up and fight with us for the ideal world of Our Heavenly lather.

With deep love in the name of Our True Parents,

Reiner and Barbara Vincenz 

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