The Words of the Vincenz Family

The French family has gotten its first official center

Reiner Vincenz
April 30, 1970
Boulogne, France

Parents Day, 1970 -- Boulogne, France

Dear Mr. [Hyo Won] Eu,

Glory and Victory for the mighty works of our True Parents and all their children!

Our hearts are filled with joy and we like to report to you right away, that the French family has gotten its first official center in the best business area of Paris. During the whole month we have searched for it by driving from street to street, contacting many agencies, putting ads in the paper and making many spiritual conditions. Finally our Heavenly Father could direct us to this place 7, Rue Le Sueur (Street of Sweat), 3rd floor, in the 16th district of the city. It is located close to "I'Arc de triomphe de I, Etoile".

Now a new stage of development can be realized. At first we have to fix up this apartment and in June we will move in.

Street Witnessing in the center of Paris April 1970

In the beginning of the month we had the great privilege of celebrating Parents Day. Genie had decorated room with a beautiful tree of life and many flowers. We started, with a Korean dinner. How much fun it was to see each one eating with chopsticks. Korean songs, especially the ones sung by our True Parents, brought a wonderful closeness and warmth to us. After praying and speaking about the significance of this Day we shared testimonies, songs, instrumental recitals and showed pictures of the visit of our True Parents. It was a day filled with happiness joy -and new-dedication to do our True Parents.

During this month we could teach Principle to many people and 5 of them have accepted' this new way of life and are active in helping in the big restoration work. A young Canadian, Paul Bullen, has moved into our center, in order to learn a lot before going back to Vancouver. It is such a joy to see each one changing and growing spiritually so quickly. The desire becomes stronger and stronger to get the people out of the horrible labyrinth of the old world and lead them on a straight way to our Heavenly Father.

Big tasks are ahead of us and with our faith, with our convention we will fight to build a victorious unified front!

With all our love,

In the name of our True Parents

Reiner Vincenz 

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