The Words of the Vincenz Family

Fascists interfered constantly

Reiner Vincenz
February 2, 1970
Boulogne, France

Dear Mr. [Hyo Won] Eu

The year 1970 has started very good for our Heavenly Father. It had been our great desire to celebrate God's Day with 10 people and really, Father had helped to make this wish to come true. From Belgium came the first member, Allain to us in order to experience Divine Principle family life.

On New Year's Eve we had come together to look at the result of our work 1969. At 12 p.m. We started the beginning of the New Year, God's Day, with our Father to Him. Each one of us felt very grateful and was full of joy being so close to Father and our True Parents. God's Day morning we went to three important churches, in order to pray that the prepared people of the Christian churches will be guided to our movement. Afterwards we visited three public places, asking for Father's blessings and spiritual help for a very successful work- there. At these places we usually teach Principle and invite to our lectures. Coming home, we spent the rest of the day with reading messages from our Master and discussing on a big scale our projects for 1970 and planning our work for January.

On January 2nd, Allain returned to Belgium in order to help Christiana to build up the family in Bruxelles. During the first days of the month we were very busy printing our Master's life story.

Also with silkscreen we printed 1.000 big red symbols for our activities in the city of Paris.

For the international week "Unification of Christians" from the 18.-25 January we started to prepare posters and 10.000 special invitations. During several days we visited more than 100 churches, speaking to priests and ministers and asking them to hang up our poster. In general they were very nice to us, more friendly as we had expected. But of course, important will be the results. Also we had pasted posters on cardboard and fasten them to three in the center of Paris. When we had them all up the police came, and we had to take them down. So we searched for other tree and unseen we accomplished our work. All together 40 posters were hanging in central spots inviting people to our lecture.

We went to almost all meetings for "The Unification of Christians". Unfortunately the people we found in the churches were mostly elderly people, who seemed not very open. We felt very, very sorry during this week. How sad must be our Heavenly Father about it. On January 23rd we had our lecture for unification of Christians. 13 people had come, 4 of them were priests. Unfortunately the priests left, when we talked about the Return of Christ. What a shame. We tried our best to give all our strength and love to the people of the churches that week. At the present time the result will not be great but many, many know our symbol and know us. When on Sunday the Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox church-leaders gathered with thousands of people for a celebration in a big church, they could see on almost each lap shining a big red symbol of the Divine Principle.

The University extension Dauphine started again in the middle of this month and we gave our first lecture on January 22nd under difficult conditions, since part of the students were striking. We were very surprised, when 16 positive and interested students came. One of them is intensively studying the Divine Principle. On our second lecture, when 15 People came, fascists interfered constantly and after half an hour we had to stop teaching. But with three very interested students we continued in a small room and the evening was very successful. Since the University extension Nanterre has become very negative through strikes and fights of the fascists we are concentrating right new mainly at the extension Dauphine.

For big conferences, for instance one of them with the Theme Jesus, Myth of History, we gave out 1.500 invitations, especially printed for this occasion.

During the past month we had 82 new contacts who have heard part of the Principle.

May some of them realize deeply Father's great restoration work. The French Family has fasted very much to make condition for a good harvest.

Everyone here would like to send their love to our True Parents and the Korean Family.

In the name of our True Parents

Reiner Vincenz 

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