The Words of the Vincenz Family

Thoughts about France and plans for the principle work in 1970

Reiner Vincenz
January 1, 1970

For the understanding of my thoughts for the development of the Divine principle in France it is necessary to look closer at the history, the tradition and the present situation of this country.

France is a country, which belongs to the Latin countries of the world. In Latin countries the general action is often determinant by the emotion and not by reason.

The present structure of France is the result of an individual set and pointed tradition, which has formed the way of economics, religion, politics and the personal way of thinking and acting of the Frenchman. In addition, when France gave up the colonies (especially Algeria and Indochina) a great stream of immigrants came to France. At the present time this nation consist of a population of 50 Million people, 20% of them live in Paris.

The industry is in some sections quite well developed, for example the automobile industry. But it does not play by far the first role in relationship of the power of European Commerce. It is the character of the average Frenchman who is not very industrious and has not the desire to catch up with the international trade.

Through his strong individual thinking and action he has brought this position in which he faces now the world.

All strikes which have occurred and are occurring, practically one comes after the other, have been caused through an emotional action, which has not a logic and objective base. Through the French history it has been always difficult to set up and carry out plans, it was a risky enterprise.

This country has a very strong side in agriculture. Without much effort all agrarproduct grow in abundance. They are well known and liked by people of countries in Europe and Overseas.

During the last years the French government has tried with ways and means, to combine the small and smallest agricultural managements to bigger enterprises, in order to create a higher capacity of activity with relationship of the European neighbor states and particularly with the European Common market. Unfortunately the farmers are not willing to incorporate. The inadequate and individual organization in the agriculture section causes that products have to be sold with a very high price. We can see the result on the whole structure of French commerce.

France is a country with many political parties, from the left to the right. In the last years, especially the communist party has expanded rapidly. But we have to be so worried about these events, since the Frenchman will not give up his individual way of living. We cannot compare the French communists with the communists of the Kremlin Moscow one knows well that in a case of emergency one can't rely on the French accomplices.

It is very difficult to describe the present religious and cultural situation. The great majority of the people has Catholic belief, but as in all fields thinks very individually.

The whole educational system in France has been since years in a big crisis. One searches often in a brutal and radical way for a solution, in order to get rid of the old traditional system.

All this has to be seen and considered in order to understand better my thought about Divine Principle work 1970.

During the past weeks the French family has thought a lot about how we could enter into different domains, which are in leading position of this country.

With this winter semester we have started our principle work at the Paris University on a large scale as preparation for a big campaign 1970. At several faculties we have received already permission to use a lecture room. It is our aim to establish a student group, which will teach principle day after day in the different extensions of the university. We will take advantage of the revolutionary atmosphere and confusion in the faculties, in order to find from the ca. 110,000 students the ones who will realize God's will today and will fight with us.

The political development is very intricate here, it is always in very close connection with the attitude and behavior of the students. The communists try with big financial help to get a firm footing among the students. As far as I can see the communist ideas are spread equally among the students and the workmen.

The voice and the position of the professors in France not the precedence of the voice and strength of the students.

Nevertheless we will try our best to get in touch with more professors in the year to come, because we feel they can lead us to many influential people. For 1970 we have planned, to start working in High Schools and Colleges, in order to reach the young people, who will in the near future carry cut our main work.

In the religious field we will become very active. In the middle of January a week called 'Unity of the Christian people" will take place among the Catholic and Protestant people. We will take the opportunity and hang up big posters in all churches and invite people to our lectures about unification.

Within the Catholic church of France there is a great division.

A big group of priests and religious leaders turn away from the pope and his instructions. With invitations and personal contacts we will get in touch with these priests.

Like almost everywhere in the world people form their personal opinion about events and developments through the newspaper. We feel it is time, to get a good article in one of the well-known Parisian newspapers, in which clearly the ideas of the Divine principle are written.

Unfortunately we did not find journalists who could report in Korean newspapers about our work. I hope very much, that through better contacts with the newspaper world we will have success in the year to come.

As soon as we are more members we will try hard to get permission for more places to preach on the street.

During the past year we have constantly searched how to establish a small business, through which the following goals could be reached: a) commercial collaboration with our homeland Korea b) strengthening our work and becoming more independent c) to incorporate the people, who can't have work but have accepted the Divine Principle.

Among many principle students there were about 10 young men who had partly understood our message, but had been without work and left to search for work. If we could have offered them a place to work, we could have easily gotten to know their qualities and attitude toward our work. We hope to start with our own business in the coming year.

It will be also one of our projects to find an apartment in the center of the city. At the present time we are living on the outskirts and many people find it to inconvenient to come.

It is our big hope that all the preparation for Radio-broadcasting will bear fruit, and we will have the opportunity to give principle lectures on the air.

It is our great desire to lay a very strong foundation in Paris so that we can also bring the message to other cities. The French family wants to try her best working with strongest determination and activity to make the year 1970 a great success for our Heavenly Father and our True Parents. 

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