The Words of the Vincenz Family

The French Family is working to be known at Paris-University

Reiner and Barbara Vincenz
November 28, 1969
Boulogne, France

The German Family at the Bochum center

Dear Mr. [Hyo Won] Eu,

In the beginning of November the University in France started their winter semester, and whole French Family has taken it as the main project to become known in the University and to awake the students. Henri Blanchard will give a report about "Paris-University".

Children's day 1969 was for all of us a very joyful and happy day. It was the first Children's day the French family could celebrate together in an own center. On Sunday evening at 10 p. m. (Korean time Monday morning 6 p.m.), after we had visited Holy Ground, We came together for the ceremony. We were seven members, Reiner and Barbara, Henri and Remi, Therese, Robert and Genie. %%e felt very close connected t: rough the love of Our Heavenly Father, Our True Parents and our brothers and sisters everywhere. Deep we experienced the greatness of this Day.

For his future work Robert Brandner from the Austrian family has come to us for three weeks in order to improve his knowledge of the French language, to study the mentality of the French people and to get to know the way of working with Latin people.

Through our London family a young man, Mr. Jules, from Denmark came in contact with the Divine principle. He has stayed with us for 14 days in order to see more deeply into our message and our family life. The near future will show how far he can see God's plan today.

For three days Henri and Remi were always in the Bretagne to see their parents for the first time since they are in the principle family. The parents had been very much against us, but were very much impressed by the positive change of their two sons, and the relationship is much better now. During the past month we got in contact with 64 people who have heard parts of the Divine Principle. We are all very busy searching further to find the lost children of Our Heavenly Father. We pray that the students work will be successful.

The French family sends true love to all

In the name of our True parents,
Reiner and Barbara 

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