The Words of the Vincenz Family

Pioneer Witnessing in France

Reiner Vincenz
October 13, 1966
Paris, France
New Age Frontiers -- November 1966

Dear Miss Kim:

So many things have happened here, but I am sorry to say mostly bad things. During the summer our Father was helping me to contact and meet many people, especially a good and prepared French boy and a girl who had spent four weeks in the Frankfurt Center. Progress was slow, but they understood the Principles from day to day a little more.

Doris also sent a woman, a well-known pianist, but she indicated that she was not interested. I have contacted and spoken with many people from France and different nations. In all the time of my mission here I have been so happy that Father was helping me.

About three weeks ago Barbara Koch visited me. I was very happy. In the weeks before, Satan was so active. I have never had such an experience before. On the last day of Barbara's stay, I was working in the kitchen of the small hotel where I work when suddenly I saw everything double and triple, and then I lost consciousness. After a short time I awoke, but could not move in the direction I wanted, I couldn't understand people, nor translate the language, nor taste. The left part of my brain was lame and I had to feel my way along the walls to find my room. The next three days were terrible. I had to work but was doing it mechanically, afraid that my boss would fire me and I would lose my job and room. Crossing a street was a big problem for me.

For three days I could not pray. On the fourth day it was a little better. Barbara wrote to one of my students and in a few days the student started to work for me. I was so thankful. Meanwhile, Peter wrote an express letter to Mrs. Choi in Korea to help with prayers for France and me personally. One of the members of the Frankfurt Family knew an excellent medical doctor and a few days later I went to a hospital for a complete examination of my brain. I spent 12 days in Frankfurt and got better from day to day. Last Tuesday I saw the doctor for the last time. He is surprised that my body is OK in such a short time, but I could not find an opportunity to tell him more about the real power which has given health back to me.

Yesterday I returned to Paris and today is my first working day after 12 days of difficulty. Everything is all right, but I am a little tired. It is very difficult to find a job and a room in Paris. I clean the rooms of the Ministry of Finance in the morning; in the afternoon I sell newspapers and during the day I work in a hotel in the center of Paris. Unfortunately, I must work seven days a week. The boss gave me a little room (perhaps eight feet square) on the same street. I fix breakfast for all the clients (35-40), take it to their rooms, pick the trays up later, clean all the rooms, work in the kitchen, write the correspondence, make reservations and handle the• money. I work from 8:30 in the morning until 3:30 at the hotel and four times a week from 6:30 to 8:30 in the evening. This is very bad because I cannot contact people on those four nights until later in the evening. All together, I work about 43 hours a week. My boss gives me the room free and I get free food while I am working. I am very thankful for this job. My income per month is nearly $30 American. It is very little, but I am happy to get it.

You know how difficult it is for most people to overcome Satan. This is especially true of the French. Satan can work in this country particularly through sex, good food, and amusements. But our Father is with us and we are happy to help Him establish the new world, I am sure that Father has prepared His own children in this nation. During my time in Frankfurt I was happy to meet David Flores. He visited the Family twice, although he is in the army far from the Center. He will be a good help to the German Family.

Dear Miss Kim, I will be thinking of you and the whole American Family every day. I thank our Father so much that He has given me back my spiritual power, and hope that the physical will also soon come back. On Children's Day I will be with all of you very close in spirit, With all my love and many thanks in the name of our Lord. 

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