The Words of the Vincenz Family

How I Came To France

Reiner Vincenz
March 5, 1966
Paris, France
New Age Frontiers - March 1966

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

This will be the second letter I have written to the American Family. Until now, if I needed to speak or write in English, I have had good help from the German Family; but now I am alone in Paris with my bad English.

Let me tell you how I came here to start a new Center in a new country for Father's new world. Last year, our Leader told the German Family that it would be good for the restoration of the whole world if we could find people who speak other languages, or find those from other countries of Europe who could take the Principle to their countries. Ursula Schuhmann had spoken and lectured Principle to some students from Spain, but none had responded positively. So she translated the book into Spanish with help from the Germans.

We also had a French girl in our group. She studied the Principle several times, and we thought she might translate the message into French and bring it here. But she drifted away, and we started looking for an outstanding person who could make a good French translation. My French was not complete enough for such an important work. Finally, we found a young man at the University of Frankfurt who translated the Principle. On the day that the last page was written and corrected, I left our German Family and came to Paris.

I have been here seven days. I had been here a few times before and knew of a youth hostel where I planned to stay until I could find a room; but it was closed this year. I phoned and visited all the other places for students and young people, but there was no place for me. I went through the streets and finally Father led me to a very small hotel. They gave me a room which I could afford. I was very happy.

At the Holy Ground I prayed to our Heavenly Father to help me find a place where I could start a new Center. The following day, the third after my arrival in Paris, the German Embassy gave me the address where I live now. Many thanks to our Father for His help in starting here. There are two French students and one teacher from England now studying Principle.

This is the report of my beginning in France. I greet all of the Unified Family in the world with much love in the name of our True Parents. 

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