The Words of the Vincenz Family

My Testimony

Reiner Vincenz
New Age Frontiers - November 1, 1964

My Beloved Father,

During the summer of this year, I met Peter Koch at my new job; and consequently, I heard of the Divine Principles. Thereby, something so decisive stepped into my life that in relation to God's new dispensation, other things have become so unimportant that I find it hard to describe. The objective of my physical life shall be twofold: to strive for my spiritual growth and to teach the Principles to as many people as possible. The main task shall be to take as much away from Satan as possible and to strengthen the position of goodness, so that God's dispensation may be fulfilled soon. I am aware of the tremendous scope of this task, and I know it is of the utmost importance. And I know it is later than the world thinks it is. Therefore, a foundation in Germany has to be laid by all means.

Satan has already tried to pull me away from God, and not so in a simple way. But the hope and trust in you, my beloved Father, will give me the strength to do my share of this great work.

Just yesterday I experienced again how a young girl turned back from the Principles. It is heartbreaking to see a person die. In this experience I probably felt a little as God feels when He calls the people and they do not listen. Oh, if only the people had eyes to see and ears to hear. 

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