The Words of the Vincenz Family

Arriving in Germany

Barbara Koch (Vincenz)
New Age Frontiers – May 15, 1964

Dear Family,

When at sunset the ship left the port of New York, I was standing on the deck and my heart was almost bursting for joy and sorrow. Full of joy I felt like shouting, "Thank you, thank you dear Heavenly Father, my True Parents, my Mother in San Francisco. You have led me onto the right path. Through you I know now my purpose and goal in life!"

And then there were tears of sorrow. I had left my family in America, the warm protected home in which I had been raised. Now I was standing alone, realizing that the time had come to use all I had received to fight the bitter war against the satanic kingdom. Thanks to you all who brought me to the bus station so eerily in the morning. The bus trip to New York went very well. I had a strong feeling of heavenly protection and guidance, and could hardly sleep for excitement. For one week I stayed in NY, Satan's headquarters. I was shocked at the people's behavior and the expression on their faces. My relatives and friends agreed that evil forces are working harder than eves,, and that only something beyond our comprehension can save us fro complete destruction. I was surprised how eagerly my relative (who had rejected) Pete, now listened to the D.P. again and again.

Reincarnation is still their stumbling block. The voyage across the Atlantic was calm, but several times when I started to speak about the D.P. I got seasick. Even reading them was too much. At the present time, I am teaching my mother the D.P. and trying to win back the confidence of old friends. It is time for Germany to wake up. We have to work hard! The news about Miss Kim's trip to Korea made me very happy. Our beloved Mother has really given all her strength and energy to us. May each of us now do the same for others. I pray for all my brothers and sisters who are working with our Leader for the establishment of the New World.

Love and prayers. 

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