The Words of the Vincenz Family

Testimony from San Francisco

Barbara Koch (Vincenz)
New Age Frontiers – August 15, 1963

Dearest Family:

Praise and thanks to our Blessed Leader who has brought to us the highest; most precious message from our Heavenly Father.

Many of you I do not know in person but in my heart I feel very, very close to you and I thank you for all you have already accomplished for the foundation of the world unification.

My brother, Peter Koch, led me to the Divine Principles and in the beginning of May. I moved into our center in San Francisco. A complete new life started for me. Why had I not cut off my self-centered, empty life earlier! Here under Miss Kim's care and guidance I felt God's power and love tremendously and very soon it became my only desire to wholeheartedly serve our Father. Quite a few of you know how fortunate I am being a child and student of our beloved mother and teacher, Miss Kim. I try to observe and learn as much as I can. Yes, Miss Kim reflects in all her gestures, words and works the love and wisdom of our Lord and Master. You should have seen how quickly she was back in our midst -- not thinking of her body but only of the work which had to be done.

During the week I work as an interior designer -- not with pleasure any longer. My mind, my heart wants to work for the Divine Principles full time. But at present I try my best at night and Sundays when I go out to different meeting places and churches. At first I thought I would never approach strangers but now I experienced the help received from God, my mouth was filled with words and my courage grew. Time is so short, let us not waste one day or one hour! My love and prayers are with Our Lord's Family and my brothers and sisters. 

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