The Words of the Vincenz Family

Encouragement and Support for Reiner Vincenz

Phillip Schanker
May 22, 2012

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I wanted to let you all know that our dear elder brother Rev. Reiner Vincenz, who pioneered France, attended our True Parents wholeheartedly in reaching out to America, and has been an example of humility, service and sacrifice throughout his life, has been very ill lately. He has Parkinson's disease, and his body and muscles are slowly weakening and shutting down. He recently broke his hip, and the advance of the disease is now affecting his ability to communicate, to eat and to digest food.

It is extremely frustrating for him to be unable to be active as we approach Foundation Day, and he is reflecting deeply on his life and concerned about the things in his life that he feels were unaccomplished. This is unfortunate considering the many great things that our elder brother has achieved, all of the lives he and his wife Barbara have touched, and how much a part of history he is. Barbara, their daughter Leena and son-in-law Jerio Gavin have been doing their best to care for him. But this is understandably a tremendous emotional, financial and personal challenge for the entire family.

We created a special Email address to allow our brothers and sisters to send our love, support, gratitude and encouragement to Reiner and Barbara. We encourage especially those who know and have worked with the Vincenzes, and whose lives have been touched by them, to express your love, and help Reiner understand just how much he is appreciated and loved by God, True Parents and so many of us.

Let's inspire him to feel the value of the life he has lived, and see the beautiful offering to Heaven that it is. We ask that this address be used for greetings, gratitude and encouragement, rather than speeches, questions, or treatment suggestions. All of your love and prayers are appreciated.


Phillip Schanker 

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