The Words of the Vesela Family

Reflections Of Dae Mo Nim's Europe Tour

Silvia Vesela
April 2005
Event in Hungary

When I heard that DMN was coming to Europe and we were going to see her, I didnít feel very excited about it at the time, but the closer the time was, the more excited I got, that is in a way a pity because I could have prepared myself much more.

The whole visit in Hungary would not mean so much to me as it eventually did, if my mum was not coming and liberating and blessing our ancestors. But because she was, we joined our prayers and efforts together to help our lineage and family. Suddenly I felt how important the event was and felt so grateful that DMN came to Europe to help not just me and my family, but everyone who came. As we were clapping and waiting for DMN to enter the hall, I didnít feel anything, but as soon as she came and passed by me, looking straight into my eyes, suddenly a strong feeling of love overtook my emotions and I couldnít stop smiling.

Just now, after it is over, I am realizing more and more what a special blessing it was for me and for our family. Before I was never getting along with my mother so well. But having the same goal and wishing for the same thing: our ancestors to be liberated and blessed and our family to be well, we united like never before and felt so incredibly close. There was no selfish desire behind our prayers, we did not ask anything for ourselves but still I feel I received the greatest blessing from among our family. My team in Slovenia was very lucky to meet with Mr. Phillip Hill from England and we all got the chance to talk to him. What he told me has had an incredible effect on me, because he said he can see a big group of blessed ancestors following me everywhere I go and praying for me. This means so much to me since I usually am a bit skeptical. The awareness of having all these people supporting me is very inspiring. Sometimes we forget how real the reality of spirit world is. It was an amazing experience to also see all the members having so much dedication for TP Ė always inspiring to do more, to invest more, and to work harder!

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