The Words of the Vesela Family

Second Fundraising Condition Reflection

Silvia Veselá
March 2004

About the motto: "Meeting God and True Parents" Honestly speaking, I wasn't very happy about this internal goal for this condition because I was afraid that I would not accomplish it and have nothing special to share about it. In the beginning of the condition I was still more or less focused on myself and whenever we spoke about meeting God and True Parents I had nothing to share. Especially about meeting True Parents because I couldn't relate to them for a long, long time, and although in my mind I knew what I should feel towards them, I didn't feel it. But after 2-3 weeks of the condition, I started to focus on this internal goal more and I even forgot about my own personal goal: to forget old resentments and learn to forgive absolutely. But it just came along while I was slowly getting closer to God and felt the great power of his forgiveness towards me. And through that I could learn to forgive as well.

Reading True Parents' life for HDH helped me very much and although it made me feel differently about it and now…now I feel that my attitude towards them got better and I'm very grateful for this internal goal for it also helped me to change my mindset. I don't know if I can say that I could meet God, but I know I could understand his heart in some extent. And sometimes I felt that God is talking to me through the people. I felt it very strongly. Sometimes I didn't even want to accept it because it didn't make me feel very good about myself, but when I understood that He just wants to help me (and that is what I was asking for) I accepted and tried to change. After I did that, I felt differently. I felt happier. He felt happier. We felt happier.

Thank you Heavenly Father for having so much patience with me.

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