The Words of the Usman Family

Prayer at Blessing '99

Sheikh Alamin Usman
Grand Mufti of Eritrea
Translation of the prayer
February 1999

In the Name of the Merciful God.

Praise to God, the Lord of the Sages.

Prayer and peace on His companions the messengers, our Lord Mohammed, and his whole following.

We are gathered today to celebrate this Holy Mass Blessing, and it is a good tradition which encourages the youth to seek marriage, and it facilitates them to be bound together.

Marriage is the first step to create a happy family, and is the cornerstone of a healthy society.

May God grant goodness to those who have made this great deed.

We especially acknowledge the spiritual Father of these marriages, Father Moon and his Spouse, the Mother of the brides and bridegrooms.

So may God give them good reward.

We ask God, the Exalted One, to bless the good wedding of these couples.

May love, prosperity, long and compassionate life remain with them for eternity.

We hope each bride and bridegroom will uphold his marriage vows, and they should know that they are engaged together, and bound in the Name of God, the Blessed and Exalted One.

Each one of them should be faithful and a friend to one another, and bear together all problems and burdens of life.

I ask God, the Exalted One, to help them create a healthy happy society, and may peace spread all over the world.

May our vows be accepted.

O God, Amen.

In the Name of The Merciful God.

Praise to God, the Lord of the Sages, The Merciful God, Owner of the day of religion.

We worship You and ask Your help.

Give us the right path.

The path of those You have accepted and blessed.


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