The Words of the Uruga Family

Matching Testimony

Noriyuki Uruga
February 8, 2003

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL - After completing two and half years on STF, I fund-raised in America for several months to earn my tuition for university studies in Israel. During that time, I had a chance to go to a Blessing workshop. I discussed the possibility with my parents, but we decided together that it was better for me not to go at that time because I had to focus on being accepted for university studies. Also, my parents felt it was better for me not to be matched right away. As a result, I was not at all focused on the Blessing.

Noriyki and Kotun Uruga

A couple of weeks after we had that discussion, my father called me to say that he was thinking of matching me! Well, it was kind of a shock because my mind was not geared up for that at all. My father told me on the phone that he was asked by an American family about the possibility of matching.

As it turned out, the BC sister that the family had proposed as a match for me was a person whom I knew pretty well. We had worked together in the same team on STF. Because of this, I did not struggle as I might have if my future spouse had been completely unknown and unfamiliar to me. After briefly considering the proposal, I agreed to it.

At that time my future spouse, Kotun was still on STF. I found that it was quite easy for me to communicate with her because we had had a lot of similar experiences. We have different nationalities, but that did not matter so much because we have a lot of common bases to share about.

Before returning to Israel, I stopped over at Kotun's home for one day. Unfortunately she was in another city serving with STF, but she arranged for me to meet with most of her family. Her mother, brother and elder sister welcomed me in their home. For me they were quite a decent family, and the atmosphere was quite different from our home. I was born and grew up with five brothers and sisters in Israel where my parents were missionaries. My tiny home was always noisy. Kotun's home was quieter and, though modest, larger than mine in Israel. It was a meaningful experience to come to know more about Kotun and her background by visiting her family.

Our Blessing Ceremony on September 14th turned out to be quite special for Kotun and myself. It was a small gathering compared to past historical mass Blessing events. During the ceremony we were able to relate personally with True Parents. All the newly matched couples received their Blessing rings directly from them, and we were just in front of True Parents when they gave the benediction and throughout much of the rest of the ceremony. Toward the end, because we were the only second generation couple, we received the special grace of making the flower offering. I bowed and offered a bouquet to True Mother, and Kotun did the same with True Father. Because of these intimate experiences with True Parents, I felt quite a close personal connection with them.

Two years ago I had applied for the Blessing hoping to be matched by True Parents, but I was not matched. Kotun had had exactly the same experience. Two years ago, she, too, had applied for the matching and Blessing, and was originally accepted; then she was told that the age limit for the Blessing had been raised and, as a consequence, she could not attend.

Now after two years we were matched by our own parents and received the approval of True Parents. What I can understand from this is that two years ago we were both still too young for the Blessing and needed more preparation. I feel grateful now that God let us go a longer way. That period helped us to understand better what a precious gift we have been given.

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