The Words of the Urban Family

6th Grade Sunday School Lesson Plan

Richard Urban
September, 1999

First Unit: The Principles of Creation
Lesson #1 Dual Characteristics

Theme for the year: "God is my friend" Father's Words "Do not be discouraged. Even though sometimes you feel that there is no God, know that He is always present. With that feeling you must remember that God is with you." The Way of Tradition, Vol 1, p. 2

Father's Words for the Principles of Creation Unit: "You are a Son of God or a prince of God, or a princess of God. In order to deserve this title, you must learn to think as God thinks, live as God lives, and be concerned as God is concerned, and love as God loves. The Way of Tradition, Vol 1, p. 265.

Warm Up

You will need five balloons and five slips of paper. Write one of the following questions on each of the papers:

1. If God were to visit our church, where would He sit?

2. What color of hair do you think God has?

3. If God were to talk with you audibly, what tone of voice would He use?

4. What is the funniest looking animal God might say He created?

5. What do you think God does for fun?

Place one of these slips in each balloon, then blow up and tie the balloons. At the beginning of your class, choose five young people to participate in this activity. Bring them to the front of the class and give each a balloon. Tell them to sit on the balloons to pop them. They must then respond to the statements on their slips of paper.

Divine Principle Lesson

"The Dual Characteristics of God and the Creation"

Key points:

I. The Dual Characteristics of God and the Creation

A. The dual characteristics of God

You can know an artist by his works; & know God by the creation.


1. The Dual Characteristics of Sung Sang(Internal Character) and Hyung Sang (External Form).











Inherent Nature

Energy / Matter


a. Sung Sang is the inner nature or character Hyung Sang is the aspects of matter structure and shape.
b. Sung Sang is internal and causal while Hyung Sang, which is external and resultant. The body reflects and resembles the mind.
c. Since God is the First Cause of all beings, God must also have dual characteristics of Sung Sang and Hyung sang., which are in the subject position to the Sung Sang and Hyung Sang of all created beings.

2. The Dual Characteristics of Positivity and Negativity













a. Society exists and develops through reciprocal relationship between men and women
b. All creation exists through relationship of dual characteristics of Positivity and Negativity.
c. God the creator has this same nature of dual characteristics of Positivity and Negativity.

3. The Dual Characteristics of God

a. God the creator has the original dual characteristics of Sung Sang and Hyung Sang, and Positivity and Negativity. Within the Sung Sang or mind of God is intellect, emotion, and will, plus heart which is the most vital part. Because of Heart and True Love God seeks endlessly to be united with His object of love.

B. The Relationship between God and the Creation




Original Sung Sang

Original Hung Sang




Sung Sang

Hung Sang




Sung Sang

Hung Sang


a. Every created being is God's object, a visible and substantial expression and form of His dual characteristics. The created world operates as one body only according to God's Purpose for the Creation.
b. The creation manifests Gods dual characteristics in image(man), and symbol(all other things)

Applying the Lesson

The links between thinking, feeling and behaving

The Divine Principle teaches us about God's ideal and His purpose for our lives. When we know what God's Will is and what is right, then we can direct our thoughts and actions in the correct way. We cannot have a clear desire to do what is right if we do not know what is right. Through study of the Divine Principle we can know clearly what is right and wrong. Just because we feel a certain way does not mean that we have to act upon those feelings.

From EQ: The Social-Emotional Intelligence Program for Kindergarten through 8th Grade Mo Therese Hannah and Joe Marrone

We are always doing three different things at the same time: thinking, feeling, and behaving.
1. Give examples of thinking, e.g., "I'm not ready to take that math test tomorrow," "I don't do well in science."
2. Give examples of feelings, e.g., fear, sadness, hurt, frustration
3. Give example of behaviors, e.g., saying something mean, giving a compliment, remaining silent. Our thinking leads us to have certain feelings, and our feelings can have an effect on how we act.
The practice of emotional intelligence requires an understanding of these links between our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. EQ involves being aware of our thoughts and feelings while having the ability to choose whether or not to act on them. This awareness and ability allows us to behave in an emotionally intelligent way--in the way that best serves both ourselves and others.
Offer examples from your own life of times you've used your thinking to control your behavior and times when you used an EQ principle that helped you make an emotionally intelligent choice about how and when to act. Finally, describe the benefits you and others received due to your practicing emotional intelligence. 

EQ Kids Workbook The Links between Thinking, Feeling, and Behaving 6 - 8

"I am not my thoughts. I am not my feelings. It's what I do that proves who I really am."

Fill in the blanks to show the links between the character's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Ralph was going camping with his family. Every summer his parents took Ralph and his brother to the same lake to go fishing, hiking, and boating. When Ralph got into the car to leave for the lake, he was smiling, joking, and laughing with his brother.

What was Ralph's behavior?, smiling, joking, and laughing

What were Ralph's feelings?_________________________

What were Ralph's thoughts?_________________________

When they arrived at the lake, they moved into their cabin. Then Ralph, his brother, and his dad walked to the boat dock to fish for awhile. While Ralph was putting some bait on a fishing hook, he accidentally pierced his thumb with the hook. The hook got stuck in his thumb. Ralph felt scared and began to panic. He had heard that fish hooks are very hard to get out. Pacing back and forth, he started to cry.

What were Ralph's feelings?________________________________

How was Ralph behaving?___________________________________

What were Ralph's thoughts?___________________________________

Ralph's dad put his arm around Ralph and said, "Calm down, Ralph. I have gotten stuck with more than one fishing hook. We'll get it out. There is a doctor's office about 10 minutes away in town. I bet you they've gotten a thousand fishing hooks out of a thousand thumbs." Ralph could not help but start to laugh. He walked with his dad and brother back to the cabin to get their car.

What were Ralph's feelings?_____________________________________

How was Ralph behaving?______________________________________

What were Ralph's thoughts?________________________________________

The doctor was able to get the hook out of Ralph's thumb. It did not hurt as much as Ralph thought. He walked out of the doctor's office with a big bandage on his thumb. 'As they got into the car, Ralph's dad said to him, "Well, Ralph, how about a little more fishing?" Ralph looked as though his father had suggested eating a bowl of sand for dinner. He did not even answer his dad.

What were Ralph's feelings?____________________________________

How was Ralph behaving?____________________________________

What were Ralph's thoughts?_____________________________________

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