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SAVE DC Rally on Dec. 27th at Noon

Richard Urban
December 24, 2007

Stacey, Sarah and I wish you and your family a very beautiful and peaceful Christmas.

The traditional value of abstinence from sexual relations before the marriage between a man and a woman is undergoing a frontal assault right here in the nation's capital. ULTRA Teen Choice has been ejected from two District of Columbia public schools, and Chancellor Michelle Rhee wants to expand that to all DC public schools. The only two reasons are that ULTRA Teen Choice promotes abstinence from sex before marriage, which is seen by opponents as being anti-homosexual, and ULTRA Teen Choice is being asked to make a pro-homosexual statement by the Chancellor's office. (Please note that ULTRA Teen Choice always welcomes all students to participate in all of its programs, and has already been approved by the District of Columbia Public Schools HIV/AIDS Education office).

If this makes no sense to you then come out to the SAVE DC (Save Abstinence and Values Education in DC) Coalition rally and press conference on December 27, 2007 at 12 noon in front of Stuart-Hobson Middle School. The address is 410 E St. NE, Washington, DC 20002. (In case of precipitation, the location will be Ebenezer's Coffee House: downstairs, 201 F St. NE; check the morning of the rally if there is a question about the weather).

Joseph Laconte, a senior fellow with Pepperdine University's School of Public Policy has called this attack "The New Fundamentalism", and he likens it to "a kind of Star Chamber" where education and media elites "blacklist groups they don't like". Go to to find a link to his article in The Daily Standard, another article by Jonetta Rose Barras, and other media coverage and commentary. I have included Chancellor Rhee's latest response to our request for clarification of her policy below. As you can see, she refuses to put anything in writing.

Please respond to this email to let us know that you are coming to the rally, and also let us know which of the following areas you would like to help with:

Media Outreach
Rally Set Up
Rally Refreshments
Press Hospitality
Video taping the rally (we have equipment)

Bring a poster with you. Here are some suggested themes:

SAVE DC: Save Abstinence and Values Education in DC
Support Abstinence until Marriage
I am waiting until marriage for a brighter future
Mayor Fenty: Investigate why ULTRA Teen Choice was kicked out now
Waiting for marriage makes for a brighter future
Discriminating against marriage is unjust

Please forward this email to your friends and contacts.

Richard Urban
Urban Life Training and Reality Assessment(ULTRA) Teen Choice

Mission: To provide education, peer counseling and clubs for youth that will empower them to be successful in life by choosing abstinence from sex outside of marriage and abstinence from drugs, alcohol and tobacco. We provide services to schools and youth serving organizations, including services by college students from nearby universities who support these values. Watch I Am Abstinence Working at:

Here is the latest email from Michelle Rhee: (Note: you can read my original email at

Dear Mr. Urban,

Thank you for your message below. Your questions below were addressed in your meeting with Dr. Nyankori and Mr. Ferguson. If you do not recollect the details of this meeting, they will be happy to discuss these questions with you again. At this point in time a lengthy discussion over email is not the most effective way to clear up your confusion.

Michelle Rhee

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