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Report From Task Force Israel Member

Ruth Tumminello
December 22, 2003

Report from Ruth Tumminello, for German Task Force in Israel

Tonight I was witness to something I have never seen, in or out of our movement.

We had a special evening program to make final preparations for tomorrows' rally and to round up our time here together.

Our ministers from American were there, (a lot more had arrived over the last week), as well ass most of our ambassadors of peace. One of our African American pastors was leading the meeting, and I can tell you, that if the Christian ministers had accepted Father at the time they should have, we would have seen a different Unification church! They know how to inspire and call down the spirit!!

The room was full of every color, and religion. It was great to see the ministers as well as our ambassadors of peace here in Israel, speak so highly and with so much respect and love for True Parents! It was very moving. Moving also for me, was to see so many African Americans and African brothers and sisters. God is good!!

All of the Christian ministers and some ambassadors of peace as well as Michael Jenkins, went to the Gaza Srip for a few days, for an inter-religious conference. On their way out, there were bullets shot as a warning above their heads from the side of the Israelis troops who oversee the area. A few of them were slightly hurt as they tried to rush away and fell down. Of course in the moment, they had no idea what was going on or what the intent of the attack was. Several shared their experience tonight, and said that they didn't understand the terrible conditions in which the Palestinians live and how Arafat is made to look so evil by the media. One minister who is black, shared that he had suffered in his life and had experienced persecution and all kinds of injustice, but that the Palestinians had it worse than that. Now, that's a very powerful statement. So, they were extremely moved, but more determined to help make a change in this country.

It is unfortunately, so hard to transmit the feelings and the electricity one experiences in such a meeting. Tomorrow, as part of the ceremonies of the Rally, Jesus will be crowned King of Israel!

It was to be done tonight at our hotel, but True Father called and said that it had to be done at the Rally! Jesus' wife will also be there. Also, there will be a ceremony for the reconciliation between Sarah and Hagar, the mothers of Isaac and Ishmael, as Sarah threw Hagar out and therefore began thee separations of the brothers.

So, the Rally will be very interesting, and because of a lack of funds, the Rally was cut one our short. But I can't imagine us accomplishing everything in the program between 2-4:00pm. Especially as the Israeli people have a completely different relationship to time as we do in Germany. There will be buses coming as far as Nazareth, which is about three hours from where we are. True Parents are in constant phone contact with Rev. Yang. This Rally is very important for the future of Israel, but we are all confident that it will be a total success.

I know that most cities in Germany and elsewhere, will be having similar activities, and we wish you also success where you are as well.

Ok, time to go, so many are waiting here for a computer.

I may not be able to write again, as I will be flying back Tuesday so early in the morning, and will be busy all day tomorrow. Anyway, you will all hear about the actual rally over our homepage.

God Bless and in His name and love,

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