The Words of the Tsumagari Family

Letter from Mr. Tsumagari

Ichinori Tsumagari
February 11, 2003

Dear brothers and sisters,

I, Ichinori Tsumagari, am a UTS student. I am taking the course, "Teaching and Ministry through Service Learning" taught by Dr. Kathy Winings. As a part of the course I am doing a project with a small group (4 students). We have decided to develop a Service Learning Program related with Heung Jin Nim.

As you know, in December 1983, an unfortunate accident happened to Heung Jin Nim on the way back to East Garden from UTS, Barrytown. However, because of True Parents' love and Heung Jin Nim's heart, they could make it into a great victorious moment for all of us. True Parents and True children loved to come UTS. East Garden, Belvedere, and UTS are the most historical places within the Unification Church outside of Korea because of True Parents' and True Family's investment. Once True Father stated that UTS at Barrytown has more potential than Chung Pyung Lake. If you walk around UTS, you can feel the presence of God because of True Parents' love and investment. UTS has the international connection and a Christian root.

We are planning to take care of the car in which Heung Nim had his accident and the barn in which it has been kept. We are not sure exactly what we are going to do yet, however, our hope is that our service learning project can be a starting point for creating a historical museum where many brothers and sisters can come to show respect to True Parents and True Family, especially Heung Jin Nim's final dedication, and learn about heavenly love and tradition.

Eventually, UTS, Barrytown can be a pilgrimage of liberation and renewal for our brothers and sisters and beyond. As part of the project, an idea came up that we would like to collect as many personal testimonies as possible. Your personal experience with True Parents and True Family in connection with UTS, especially with Heung Jin Nim in connection with his accident.

If you have your testimony, please e-mail to me. My e-mail address is We will keep informed of our progress if you would like.

Thank you for your support.

In True Love

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