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Proposal: How to Allow for Better Communication Within Unification Movement

Kate Tsubata
October 16, 2012

Here are some things that the Unification Church/UM could do immediately that would allow for better flow of ideas and information:

1) Publish the emails of all people having some role in the movement.

2) Publish the phone numbers, ditto.

3) Create "report places" on the internet, where people can share information on a daily basis about their work (stories, reports, financial documents).

4) Create transparent tithing reports at every level, accessible by any person who tithes.

5) Create a "time tithing" system, and have a similar report for all time being offered by people for any public purpose.

6) If something is "public" or "spiritual" or "church work" or "charitable" or "humanitarian" or "educational" (in other words, does it have a tax-exempt status?) then it should be evaluated according to criteria that would measure:

a) How much of the funds coming in go to the actual stated work (teaching, praying, caring for people, etc.)

b) How much goes for salaries.

c) What is the salary structure and amounts for the leadership, functionaries, and manual labor providers. How many and who are in each role?

d) What portion of funds goes for facility maintenance, utilities, safety and health elements?

e) What portion of the funds goes for new construction?

f) What portion of the funds goes for things outside the actual purpose (entertainment, businesses, etc.)

In addition to all these, there needs to be the ability to express support or disagreement, and for stakeholders to be able to hold people accountable. Shareholders can hold the board or officers accountable; voters can hold politicians accountable. We need to have a genuine ability not only to work, not only to give, not only to pray, but also, to raise an alarm, blow a whistle, suggest a better way of doing things, etc. These are just one person's suggestions; I'm sure there are others with better ideas who could speak up. 

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