The Words of the Tsubata Family

Relationship Survey

Kate and Kazuo Tsubata
February 13, 2004
Hyattsville, Maryland

Contributed by the Tsubata family of Hyattsville, Maryland. Kate and Kazuo are a Unificationist couple Blessed among the 2075 Couples. They have 3 children, the eldest (Lan) was matched and Blessed in 2003.

Below are "Talking Points" between parents and eligible candidates for matching. Useful to help figure out some of the educational, spiritual, career, and social issues for the future of the potential couple.

1. Qualities you admire in yourself

2. Qualities you admire in friends

3. Strengths you see in men

4. Strengths you see in women

5. Things that make you happy

6. Things that make you sad

7. Things that are non-negotiable for you

8. Things that make you really angry

9. Things that give you a feeling of accomplishment

10. Elements of a good day

11. What kind of work makes you tired out, frustrated, or dissatisfied?

12. What kinds of work are hard, but "worth it?"

13. What kinds of jobs do you feel depressed about if you think about yourself doing it?

14. What kind of work makes you feel "oh, thatís easy. Every day would be interesting."

15. Things you do to relax.

16. Things you do to have fun.

17. Things you do to prepare for big events.

18. Things you do when something important is on the line.

19. People you admire, and what qualities make you admire them.

20. Things you see yourself doing in the future

21. Do you like moving around, traveling, or being in the same place?

22. Do you like staying in one situation (job, school, group, room) or do you like mixing it up?

23. When you are upset about something that happened, do you hold it in and save it to think about on your own, or do you seek out someone to talk to about it?

24. When something fails or doesnít turn out the way you hoped, what kinds of reactions do you have?

25. With money, do you save it up for future use, spend it as you go, or not really think about it?

26. What material things are important for you to have in your daily life?

27. What do you want to offer your children?

28. What are things you know how to do that help solve daily needs?

29. What kinds of activities will you do as a family, each day?

30. How do you want your children to be educated?

31. What mission or spiritual activities do you think may be good for you as a couple and a family?

32. What ways do you like to celebrate?

33. What places do you wish to live or visit?

34. If you could write a script for your life, and have all your dreams fulfilled completely, what would that script include?

35. Assuming every limitation or barrier could be overcome, what way would you prefer to live on a daily basis?

36. What kind of impact do you think you would like to have on society?

37. What skills would you like to master, that you donít currently have?

38. What "family portrait" would you like to have in the future?

39. If you have a certain need, and you have a certain amount of money, what steps do you go through in your mind to decide how to fulfill the need and how much money to spend?

40. As a couple, and as a family, what do you want your central "theme" to be?

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