The Words of the Tsubata Family

Blessing Testimony - Choenan, Korea

Kate and Kazuo Tsubata
July 13, 2003

Dear Dr. Yang, Jim, and all our other Guardian Angels,

Well, the Blessing is over, and we have a lot of people to thank. Dr. Yang, of course, helped us carry out every step, from matching to the final plane trip. Jim Stephens, Blessing Candidate Webmeister, made it all possible. In fact, there were so many "graduates" of the BC candidates website, I felt like I knew everyone there, from having seen their photos and read their testimonies. There were a lot of people who are on the website, but not yet matched, also there. I felt such warmth for each person and each couple, most of whom I would never have known if it weren't for Jim's hard work.

Thankfully, Bento and I were able to accompany Lan and Yong-Sung, by helping out with the Sports Festival. It was really an honor to see this new effort launched, even with all the typical glitches that occur during any new outreach. Bento helped out with the track and field events, and I helped with registration, as well as doing a presentation on HIV/AIDS. Lan was able to do some work with the registration also, and she and Yong-Sung were honored to be able to present flowers to True Parents at the opening ceremonies. Yong-Sung worked hard to train for the 5 K Peace Run. He was able to get the Third Place Bronze medal for the U.S., behind two runners from Jordan.

Bobeya Krishnek, sister of Blessing candidate Miwa Krishnek, also won the third place for the U.S. girls.

The Blessing itself was physically challenging but spiritually enriching. The day before, President Hwang of Korea Family Fed spoke to the couples in detail about the meaning of the providence and their participation in the blessing. He pointed out that depending on the time period, the actions of a moment can be more important than all the efforts of several thousand years. At this time, with Cheon Il Guk established and with the responsibility for matching given to the parents, the Blessed Children who fulfill the course of being matched and blessed are creating a future of immeasurable proportions, virtually transforming history from the pattern of selfishness to unselfishness in the family. He compared the present moment to that of Jesus's life, and reminded them that to do the right thing at a providential time can change the entire future. Mary Magdalene, an adulteress, and the thief on the right side of Jesus, were able to change their destiny and be remembered by all history for the actions of a few moments, because they recognized and supported Jesus. To be blessed now, in the time of Cheon Il Guk, through the matching of the parents and the way of purity, is more precious even than Jesus's whole mission. Therefore, we really have to feel deep awe and gratitude that we could stand in this position, to change history and to substantialize a deeply felt dream of Heavenly Father.

The couples were able to attend the Mr. and Miss University Pageant (where Vince Aparo was a last-minute contestant) and the CARP Convention, as well as the Peace Run.

The day of the Blessing, the beautiful brides and handsome grooms boarded buses, and hiked through rain puddles to enter the gymnasium, where they joined thousands of first generation couples already receiving the holy wine, which the second generation do not receive. The couples rehearsed and waited for 5 hours for the ceremony to begin, while the stadium became increasingly more packed with spectators. The ceremony itself was reminiscent of our own blessing, so many years ago. The theme was the same: "World Peace through Ideal Families" and I couldn't help but realize that it was 21 years and 12 days from the date many of us had received our own Blessing, July 1, 1982.

I suppose everyone perceives things uniquely, and what I felt was the start of a new cycle, but one based on the combined choices and invisible sacrifices of our own lives, and those who came before us. Despite the large number of couples, each couple was definitely there as a unique offering to God and humanity. We not only live for the sake of others, we marry for the sake of others. There is such joy in consecrating every one of life's major transitions to God. The moment of marriage, of conjugal love, of childbirth, and of every life event…each one is planted eternally in our hearts, and in God's.

We received some extra bonus blessings that were unexpected. For instance, Yong-Sung's first cousin, Mitsuka Okamitsu and her husband were sitting right behind Lan and Yong-Sung, receiving the Blessing together. Her family, Teruko and Shuichi Okamitsu, an 1800 couple, and their children and in-laws, were all there, and we met them all and were able to make a deep relationship. Lan and I could translate, as well as their older children, who had been previously blessed both to Korean spouses. We met the 4 month old baby of the eldest sister and her husband, Mr. Kim, and the husband's mother, Mrs. Paek Kim. Only when we arrived back home, and my husband saw the video, did we discover yet another amazing miracle. They are the family of the church leader, Rev. Kim from Jin Ju, where Kazuo worked during the Cheon Il Guk mobilization in February! So we are related, not only by hometown, but by the Blessing!

Another bonus blessing was in being invited to a lovely banquet and reception by Dr. and Mrs. Bo Hi Pak the day after the Blessing. Our family has been very deeply connected in heart to the Pak family for many years, so it was a special experience for us to be able to share our joy with them. The Leal family, too, have shared many connections with Dr. Pak; their second daughter, Yu-Mee (Beautiful Freedom) was named by Dr. Pak.

I remembered once walking on a beach with Dr. and Mrs. Pak and their eldest daughter, when Dr. Pak scooped up Mrs. Pak and stood in the ocean, holding her like a groom taking his bride over the threshold. At that time I thought, "how wonderful that a couple married many years can have that kind of romantic love together." At the reception, I felt the Pak's were giving the new couples that kind of unforgettable romantic start to their own married lives. It was a real love feast. Our dear brother, Mike Marshall, spontaneously rendered a Scottish love song "Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go" and many guests recounted deep stories of love, with parents, spouses or brothers and sisters.

The topper, however, was Dr. Pak's testimony of the love he shared with Mrs. Pak. He recounted how she won his heart forever when she almost died at the birth of their first child, but didn't want him to go for a doctor because it might leave him in debt after her death. He told us he worships three levels of God: the invisible heavenly Father, the substantial living True Parents, and his wife. He urged the couples to win each other's hearts by sacrifical love.

Later, when gazing at each couple cutting the cake or getting their photos taken with Dr. and Mrs. Pak, I felt such a rush of love. Each of these couples represents a victorious effort by Blessed parents and children, who are willing to make God's eternal principle real on the earth. The principle tells us that God created Love stronger than the Principle. Only through human will, freely choosing to unite with the commandment, could man's dominion as Lord of Creation be established. Each precious matched couple of the second generation is a victory for God and Mankind. This is a holy work, a holy dream.

I can only express deep gratitude for all these blessings, and encourage all families to experience this, as the first priority in their lives. My thanks to all the families who supported and prayed for ours, and who extended their help to us. I pray that you will all receive the same and greater blessings, many times over.

In all our names,

Kate and Kazuo Tsubata

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