The Words of the Tsubata Family

On Blessing Our Children

Kate Tsubata
August 14, 2002

Having read Andy Wilson's commentary, I beg to disagree.

The purpose of our blessing was to break barriers, match enemies, create peace, create a new Love Race lineage. The purpose of our children's blessings is to create the first generation of people on earth, born without original sin, who can grow to perfection through following the commandment and developing the true heart of God within the human being, and who can form true families, to fulfill the original blueprint of God's purpose for humanity.

We have been given an incredibly precious gift by God and by Father: the responsibility to pioneer the heavenly culture of God by matching our own children. This is based on numerous other foundations and accomplishments, all of which were hard-fought. There is a sacred trust involved in having received that responsibility.

To give that over to a bureaucratic process, such as an external church-type office to do matchmaking, is both to spurn the divine role which Father and God have given us, and to try to recreate an obsolete dependence on the "church" as the directive role-player in our lives.

Father told us the church is over, and the time of individual salvation is over. We are the ones pioneering the ultimate dream of God, to build true families. That mission supercedes all other missions. We should not lightly throw away the privilege and duty of becoming True Parents ourselves, for our own lineage, by imposing a bureaucratic notion onto the decentralization of Parentism.

Each family has its own unique area of restoration, and its own unique area of creation. Some families are building new traditions of music; others, new traditions of academic research; yet others are building new traditions of public service. No one else can know exactly what the parents and children have been pioneering.

We don't necessarily have to match children to those of foreign lands, or to those of a certain educational level. We have to match them with the people who seem to be able to partner with them to create true families. That is a huge enough challenge, without bringing a lot of extraneous elements into it.

I believe that we should be looking and praying for the young man or woman whose family's standard and goals are similar to our own, and whose personal outlook and character will complement our child's. For me, that involves three main points:

1) the quality of the relationship of the parents (being a loving couple who also live for the sake of others)

2) the purity of the child

3) a personal character of hard work, honesty and conscientious living

As you can see, these are qualities that are important to me and my husband and my children, but may not be the number one considerations for many other families. I would certainly not want to match my children for any earthly reasons, because to do so would be to court disaster. We are matching our children to fulfill God's ideal, not to cement political alliances or to ensure favor. That's a direct return to the false marriage systems of the past.

I suggest that each parental couple do some deep prayer and discussion, with each other and with the children, on the qualities that would be important for a future blessed family of your lineage. Then, look for someone who fits that description, whether he or she fits any particular political, racial or economic agenda.

I would rather have my children in a strong, faithful and loving marriage, happy and contributing to society and to God, than in an externally advantageous one that is cold, unhappy, or fraught with infidelity, divorce or other suffering. We need to take on this responsibility with more seriousness than with any other challenge in our spiritual lives. To do it successfully, we will need unity between husband and wife, and parents and children. And, most of all, we need to bring God into every part of the process.

Kate Tsubata

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