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Spring Of Service 2005

Massimo Trombin
May 2005

The "Spring Of Service", a 5 day program designed to involve volunteers in an intensive experience of service, to gain leadership skills, to give back to their community and to learn about year round volunteer opportunities in their community.

Following the program initiated by Service For Peace (SFP) in the USA in 2002 with the "Summer Of Service", SFP Europe will start a similar program in Europe, the "Spring Of Service".

During the month of May and June 2005, 4 projects will be held in 4 different nations with in Europe: France, UK, Slovenia, and Czech Rep.

SFP Europe will focus in 4 European counties to develop the projects. The purpose and themes of the program will be centering on "European Integration and Youth Cultural Exchange".

The Spring of Service® (SOS) will start an annual celebration of community service and volunteering involving hundreds of youth leaders and volunteers from non-profit, CBO’s, educational and NGO’s partners in a diverse range of service projects that strengthen community and mutual understanding and cooperation.

We will have a 5 days program that will start with a brief orientation, 3 days of community service and a closing day with evaluations and official closing.

The 4 projects are covering the fields of:

• Community service involving youth of different nationalities, ethnical and cultural backgrounds

• Working with "Gipsy" communities and youth leaders

• Tutoring and mentoring - in reading, writing and other educational subjects.

• Arts, drama and sports - ‘big brother / big sister’ programs with younger children.

• Environmental projects - improving schools, parks and city streets.

• Service learning projects - in photography journalism and environmental science

• Intergenerational service - projects serving seniors and gathering oral history

Projects overview
Slovenia: 17-22nd of May 2005
France: 19-23rd of May 2005
Czech Rep: 19-23rd of May 2005
UK: 29th May - 3rd June 2005

With our network of contacts we will be able to have between 25 to 35 volunteers participating in the project.

Please find attached the application form (or online: ), for those interested in participating in the program.

For anymore questions feel free to contact me.

Massimo Trombin

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