The Words of the Triggol Family

Testimony Of One Of Americans Who Was Mobilized To Korea After October 3rd Rally

Linda Triggol
November 13, 2003

Dear Rev. Jenkins,

It was good to see you and Dr. Yang in Korea, I only wish we could have talked more. I finally have a free day and a free computer so I decided to use my day well and send you a report of our activities in JeJu and Fathers instruction to us.

Nov.3rd. We flew to JeJu . We stayed in the training center there. Rev. Kwak welcomed us and Father ask him to report to us the first night. Here are notes I took in that meeting. I did the best I could to write everything. But please keep in mind they are my notes.

Rev. Kwak

Welcome to JeJu This Island is one of Father's favorite places. We will site see tomorrow and also we will have a fishing tournament . There are many members worldwide but your activity is one of the most important to Father right now. Father ask everyday about the Able UN. I believe Father is giving you so much Love because you have a very important mission. I think your life everyday must be like heaven. I am sure you are not sure what has happened to you. Out of all Blessed couples you are chosen of the chosen. In my life Father has given many blessing to me . But I realize this is not for myself. In Gods viewpoint I am a representative not only of my tribe but my nation. Not only for the past but for the future. and for all UC members. The grace you have received here is very important.

In the Unification Church we all understand the meaning of Able, but in the outside world that word is like a foreign word, so for this reason we are calling the able UN the peace UN . Our final goal is Peace Kingdom, We have to think of proper terminology. Father says it doesn't matter what we call it. What is important is that its an international body and outside forces are involved. we have 3 stages we must accomplish

1. Abel UN

2. Peace UN

3. Peace Kingdom

In order for Abel UN to become Peace UN we have to become one with Cain. we have to love and care for Cain, we must live for his sake. Abel must also live together with Cain. we see that in Jacob and Esau. There lives are a model we must go through. the Abel type UN must become one with the Cain type UN. IN God's point of view Cain has no value. God only sees Abel that is why Abel must love Cain to save him IIPC must fulfill its responsibility to embrace Cain. God's focus is now on IIPC. It is no longer on the UN. God does not see its value any longer. We must think seriously about our mission. God's desire is to shorten the providence. You must feel you are the future leader of peace UN.

Perfection stage is Peace Kingdom, we have that kind of mission. I have been instructed by Father to constructed the Abel UN. But I have many concerns. already we have IIFWP and now we have IIPC. What relationship do they have to each other . To create another organization will take more man power and it might create confusion. As I talk with Father I have to try to understand his vision . we have two methods. We can divide the two organizations IIFWP should become smaller and IIPC larger or IIPC will become the primary mission of IIPC. True Father does not give me details as of yet. All he thinks about now is IIPC.

We held a consummation meeting with 15 participants from around the world to create the governing council or general assembly you could say. We must make our constitution around these 3 main points

1. Purity
2. Love others
3. Do not misuse public money

Before we could even began our conference I had to educate people on True Parents vision and Divine Principle. I explained to them IIPC is not just any organization. We can't worry about how people think about us. I had to teach them about Fathers life course. I told them Rev. Moon had perfected himself. In conclusion Rev. Moon is not an ordinary man. Rev. Moon is a man of deep prayer and action. I gave them fathers vision for world peace.

The UN was founded in 1945. But no one thought to oppose that the UN never considered a religious wing to the UN. They were considering the separation of church and state. When they established the UN they included the communist countries. I ask them how do you feel about that. Can the UN fulfill the role of peace maker with religion. All you have is secular and atheistic groups making decisions. The reason why the UN has failed from the start. Because of their view on religion. God cannot waste any more time for the UN to do what is right. That is why God created the peace UN to fulfill Gods will . It is not just a concept or a hope it is a reality. we also need to understand the Spirit World. I ask them what is a true Moslem and a true Christian those who follow their teachers guidance. For the fact we are fighting shows we are making a grave mistake.

I was truly grateful for the deep sincerity in our council meeting. everyone varied in opinions but one clear them I felt we all had is the Abel UN must take action immediately We all felt the red cross was a good example of respect for human life beyond national interest in even gives love to the enemy. It has no boarders. We must ask to put True Love in action. IIPC must become the conscience of the world.

IIPC needs to create a research center that can collect information around the world understanding world crises, starvation, human rights abuse etc. Our goal is not to maintain peace but to create peace, now is the time for action.

We must now become exemplary members representing our True Parents from now we will be very busy. You must be prepared to obey Father completely. To go wherever Father ask us to go. Thank You

Each morning and night we have HDK with True Parents, I saw a side to True Parents I have never seen. for the first time I really felt they were my parents. I was reborn on JeJu

I have much more to share, I will write soon

Love Linda Triggol

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