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STF Assembly: Japan

Daneil Treacy
August 17, 2006

Greetings Brothers and Sisters!

I was blessed to be able to attend the 4th International STF Assembly held recently in Japan from the 31st of July to August 6th 2006. Even though it was to be my second time to attend an STF Assembly and therefore had some rough expectation, after witnessing Hyun Jin Nimís amazing inspiration to send us to the frontline last year during the Assembly in Korea, I was ready to accept any exciting and challenging experience Heavenly Father would give us this time. Little did I know what an experience it would turn out to be!

We arrived in Japan in the afternoon and drove straight to the Opening Ceremony of the Assembly, to be held that evening. After STF-Japan presented a celebratory welcome-drum-dance, the theme and schedule of the Assembly was announced, the theme being "Substantiating Godís Ideal Family and the Peace Kingdom". It was emphasized that upon the foundation of the three previous Assemblies, this year would be a time in which all STF chapters of the world could convene and join together in a frontline-oriented activity to substantially move the youth, nation and world. This revolutionary change really stirred in my heart and I deeply felt that this is what STF should ideally be for Ė not just the cultivation of our second generation, but moving and transforming the heart of Cain Ė our brothers and sisters in the fallen world. So it was announced that we were to be doing approximately three days of witnessing in downtown Tokyo.

It is not unknown that the Japanese Church has gone the most sacrificial course of all our movement, being in the position of Mother-nation. In fact the Japanese Church had experienced persecution and opposition so heavy that their witnessing program has been suffocating for many years, even being unable to do witnessing in the traditional fashion. Seizing an opportunity for a breakthrough just waiting to happen, STF, being a Special Task Force, took up the mission to break down the wall built up through the years of opposition and give hope and new life to the Japanese Church by challenging our limitations to love Japan on the very streets where Father himself used to live as a student.

The witnessing program proved to be challenging on many levels: linguistically, culturally, physically, and internally. But I can say in looking back that what gave me so much power was hearing the testimonies of the Japanese members and seeing their tearful prayers of desperation to offer their nationís victory to God and True Parents. This completely humbled my attitude and during the whole time I sincerely strove to keep going forward with a pure heart no matter how hot or tired or struggling I felt. I was grateful that I could make such a precious offering to God and True Parents and True Family and for the support of my team members who moved my heart so much with their sincerity and passion.

The Assembly concluded with Hyun Jin Nimís speech. This time his speech was to be not just to STF members but also to around two thousand Japanese blessed families and second generation. After experiencing being Captain for a few months leading up to the Assembly I was looking forward to seeing Hyun Jin Nim with a deeper heart and understanding. I was praying quietly before the program started. Usually it is difficult for me to pray when Iím in a very loud and noisy environment but this time I was so serious to prepare my heart so I took no notice of the busy atmosphere around me. I started praying and soon I found tears running down my face as I thought about Hyun Jin Nim. A voice told me, "You know, no one is forcing Hyun Jin Nim to be here. This Church might as well be his enemy, having hurt him and his family so much. But the reason why he can do this mission and smile in front of the people who made his life so miserable, is simply because he loves God and True Parents so much. He is the model of filial piety."

That day Hyun Jin Nim didnít speak so much. He talked for about forty minutes and then we broke into song and dance and, as Hyun Jin Nim described later, a "baptism of sweat". But I will never forget the image in my mind of Hyun Jin Nim on the stage with his arm in the air shouting out "True Love Power" and a swarm of STF members surrounding him like an ocean.

Years ago when Hyun Jin Nim received the responsibility for the education of the youth of our movement, he mentioned that it would be through the young people that change would flow and revive our entire movement and the world. In the same way that the Messiah needs disciples to carry his heart and voice to the world, maybe Hyun Jin Nim as one person isnít enough to give new life to the multitudes through his own physical and spiritual power, but through STF membersí absolute heartistic unity with Hyun Jin Nim by being a perfect object of his will, desire, and vision, the Ďtrue love powerí overwhelmed the entire Assembly and soon the speech turned into a symbolic rebirth for the Blessed Families as hundreds of members over the age of fifty in the hall danced through a tunnel made up of the raised hands of international STF members. As I was part of the tunnel I saw first hand the joyous faces of little Japanese mothers and grandmothers dance their way through the tunnel, their tears mingling with their sweat. It was a sight unlike I had ever seen before.

I am so grateful that God, True Parents, and True Family members are working so hard, so much more than any of us. But with this gratitude comes the determination to strive for excellence in my mission, both on STF and beyond to whatever the future may hold.

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