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A Letter From Pastor Toffey: "Coming Home!"

Kyle Toffey
September 24, 2009

Toffey couple and their eldest daughter

Brothers and Sisters, during the last couple of weeks I have been feeling an anxiety that has been gnawing at me. As directives, goals, projects and events have been rolled out I have felt the pressure to accomplish more. We have pressure on us to grow the church here in Seoul as we focus on moving into the new building in Yongsan early next year... I have been feeling heaven’s desperation to do all things and do it now.

As in other times of anxiety and confusion I talked to my spiritual councilor, my wife; in our discussions things can become very clear. “Where two or more are gathered,” is never truer than between husband and wife. It proved to be true again.

The answer we got was to stay the course of focusing on creating the best loving congregation we can. Job one is to take care of people. We need to create an environment of true love that is healthy and healing. As individuals we should learn to be the kind of person that people feel the love of God through. As a congregation we need to create the kind of atmosphere that people feel like they have come home to as soon as they step through the door. That’s our job.

So all I need to do is what Hyung Jin Nim is always asking us to do, “See yourself and others from God’s divine perspective.” And then act with that perspective. Simple and not confusing.


Pastor Kyle Toffey

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