The Words of the Thompson Family

Updates from the 172 ministers in Korea

Kevin Thompson
September 14, 2011

From the 172 ministers in Korea:

Studying ODP. Just the first lecture. How wonderful. This is my 5th time and finally it is getting through. It is "richer than rich" to quote Mother Wright.

The God of Day (mind of God) and God of Night (body of God) is Father's constant teaching these days and new wine is needing a new wine skin. Whether a long time member or a clergy person hearing for the first time this is new info and if there is no room to put it then it will lead to being rejected and it is easy then to reject Father. I can see that the clergy are going to have to have a very open mind to receive this teaching.

Father spoke to us for 4 hours or so this morning and I could see that if we had the ODP teachings before receiving Father then it would make it easier to receive him and understand at least some of what he is saying.

Stallings gave a very good brief talk to the ministers to remind them that they are here on a mission and not vacation. therefore we have to be ready and available for the calling of God and when the spirit moves we should be ready to move with it. If we are locked into a certain way that God can work and anything else just won't work then we are limiting God and He just will not be limited to such puny thinking. So even though things are not always clear and the schedule changes we need to have faith that God is in charge and that his spirit is moving. As we let go and let God then great things will happen.

I am amazed at the faith of some of the people here who may not be the most accomplished people in the world but they are the ones who have responded to the call of heaven. Some may not even know why they were called or have misgivings about what they are actually doing here but they are the pones whop have responded and I am sure God is very pleased.

Father told Rev. Sun Jo Hwang that we should have had the ministers study the ODP at the new church in Seoul. Of course the problem then is accommodations but I am sure Father is thinking "there is lots of floor space." Many of the clergy stayed in a very humble "hotel" accommodations on the island -- basically a floor with a blanket before going fishing.

For sure Father always gives people a memorable experience. Not always comfortable but always memorable. I am sure some of them will be talking about that "hotel" for years to come. 

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