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In Jin Nim's husband (Jin Sung Moon – James Pak) and daughter visited the Bay Area

Kevin Thompson
September 1, 2011

Kevin Thompson

Brothers and sisters

Last weekend we had a special visit to the Bay Area and Sacramento from Jin Sung Nim and Ariana. I know that some people have written about this asking questions as to motivation and practice of what went on. Specifically, Charles Kamins addressed some issue that he must have heard from some source, as I don't believe he was at the actual events. [See Complaints about James (Jin Sung Moon) Park's visit to Northern California Charles Kamins - August 30, 2011] Well, as the Pastor of the church I would like to weigh in on the conversation.

First of all, to address the issue of was Jin Sung Nim invited. If Charles is referring to me as the pastor whom he asked on a previous visit whether I had invited Jin Sung Nim to speak, let me say that I would be surprised by such a question. In all the years that True Parents visited the Bay Area, I never invited them. I do not need to invite them, and they certainly do not need my invitation. Likewise for various Continental Directors, church Presidents and other leadership types, they could come anytime. An unwritten standing invitation existed for them all. Then surely, wouldn't the same be true today for our current President, CEO and Senior Pastor In Jin Nim, her family, her staff from Headquarters and anyone else that she would like to send to visit the Bay Area? There is an open invitation.

The purpose of the gathering on Sunday was to give an update about True Family and Providential developments. As I said in my introduction to him, Jin Sung Nim is in a unique position to be able to help us all to understand the True Family. Having married into the True Family some 27 years ago, he has an insight into the inner workings of the life of True Family and has a strong desire to pass on what he has learned so that we can feel closer to True Parents and True Children.

I have seen Jin Sung Nim share his deep stories and reflections on the life and course of True Children on a few occasions, and it is always highly enlightening and deeply moving. Some of his insights into the life of Hyo Jin Nim, for example, have personally given me a perspective that I could never have gained without Jin Sung Nim's sharing.

This past Sunday, Jin Sung Nim shared with passion and energy his love for all of the True Children and his special insights as to the course they are on. I believe the vast majority of members were deeply moved by his sharing. This was the primary purpose of his visit and, as such, I believe he absolutely hit the mark and inspired us all.

On Sunday evening around 40 BC's had dinner with Jin Sung Nim at an Indian restaurant. One BC told me that he was so happy to have had the chance to have dinner with a member of True Family and that Jin Sung Nim had personally come around to each table to greet every single person. This BC told me, "This is our chance to have a heart to heart connection with True Family." They are not likely to get such a chance with True Parents and therefore such an experience with the True Children is their equivalent.

On Monday, Jin Sung Nim and Ariana visited Hearst Avenue house and saw the wonderful living situation of our BC community there and were very inspired. He shared briefly with the students about In Jin Nim's hope for the future of CARP, that it would become a respected campus club and have a religious as well as social component and be something our BC's can be proud to be part of.

It is true that Jin Sung Nim also promoted VEEMA while he was here. He testified as to the dramatic change he felt from taking the product and conveyed the story of others who have lost weight and found energy and health while taking the juice. I believe In Jin Nim would want to promote the health benefits of something that she has seen firsthand bring health to her own husband. She would want our elder members to be healthier and happier and has offered the product to True Parents who are also now taking it in a daily basis.

The business side of the VEEMA presentation is something that can be very divisive, however each person must decide for themselves if this is an opportunity for them or not. Personally, I am gun shy when it comes to Multi-Level Marketing strategies as I had a bad experience when I first became pastor in the Bay Area, and therefore I have tended to stay away from any Multi-Level Marketing.

I also see that the people who have the most reaction to this kind of business idea are those who are somehow invested in Multi-Level Marketing themselves. Ultimately everyone has to take the time to decide whether this is an opportunity for them or not. If not, move on, let it go and wish others well.

Kevin Thompson 

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