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25th Annual Family Camp

Kevin Thompson
June 17, 2011

Our church founder, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon, has spoken about the importance of immersing your children in the natural environment:

"When you open your eyes in the morning and look at nature, it subtly connects with your original nature and inspires feelings about a new ideal that can sprout forth."
Sun Myung Moon, Cheon Seong Gyeong, p. 111.

25th Annual Family Camp Shim Jung Lovin' Life
Camp Royaneh, Cazadero, CA
August 17-21, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

Family Camp Shim Jung Lovin' Life is a very special time, in a very special place in the lush redwood forest, to bond with your children, your contacts, the community of blessed families, and with the inexpressibly magnificent Creation which our Heavenly Father hand-made in order to give us stimulating sentiments of joy. How often have you shared with your children the marvel of the sun's first rays slanting through the trees on a cool morning; the croaking of a bullfrog on the banks of a mountain pond; the tangy whiff of pine sap as you walk silently over a carpet of pine needles; the excitement of kids throwing stones into a crystal clear rushing river? These miracles of Creation are also a part of their heritage as children of God and need to be part of your intentional parenting. Your children grow up so quickly!

This year's Family Camp for children of all ages and adults will be held Wednesday, August 17 through Sunday, August 21.

We strongly encourage you to use the Family Camp as an opportunity to share our faith and the warmth of our community with other families with children the ages of your own children. Invite a friend and his/her family. Spending time together in a beautiful environment away from the cares and stresses of city life will be an experience you will all treasure.

As always, parent participation is what makes Family Camp so special for your children. Parents and older Second Gen supervise various classes and activities. Families eat meals together. You can arrange for your child to be assigned to a "host family" in the event you cannot attend a portion of the camp. However, sending your child alone to camp without you or a host family is not an option.


Camp Royaneh is in a beautiful redwood forest and has exciting facilities for families. All campers will enjoy a lovely dining hall; art and science buildings; a pool; a creek to explore; a bunkhouse with electricity; tents set up on wooden platforms, each for 2-3 people; tent cabins with bunk beds for up to 8 people (bring your own mattress and bedding); an amphitheater for evening campfires; Ping-Pong, basketball, and volleyball; an outdoor chapel for morning service; and trails; a parade ground for Capture the Flag. Multiple sets of bathrooms with showers are scattered throughout the grounds.

Tent Camping: Families who desire may set up their own tents. There is no additional charge for tent camping.

Tent Cabins: Many tent cabins are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Each tent cabin has a wooden platform containing four well-constructed bunk-beds without mattresses or bedding. You bring your own mattresses, pillows and bedding and walk to nearby bathrooms and showers. There is no additional charge for tent cabins.

Bunk House: This has 3 rooms with electricity and a bathroom, each room accommodating 2-4 people. Lodgings in the Bunk House costs an additional $15 per person per night to rent.

Health Lodge: This has 4 bedrooms with one bunk bed for 2 each; it has electricity and a bathroom. Lodgings in the Health Lodge costs an additional $15 per person per night.

There are additional cabins like the Health Lodge with the same facilities if you are interested. Lodgings in these cost an additional $15 per person per night.

Directions to Camp Royaneh

Royaneh is located 10 miles NW of Guerneville

Take 101 north to just north of Santa Rosa

Take the River Road (Russian River resort) exit toward Guerneville

Drive through Guerneville and Monte Rio.

In Guerneville, River Road becomes HWY 116

After crossing Austin Creek, turn right on Cazadero Highway north for about 4 miles.

Turn right at the camp sign after crossing a bridge

Follow the paved / dirt road one and a quarter miles to center of camp

Camp Royineh's address is:

4600 Scanlon Road
Cazadero, CA 95421

The trip to Camp Royaneh takes about 2.5 hours from San Leandro.

The Family Camp Schedule

Camp will open with dinner at 6 pm on Wednesday, August 17. Families will be welcome to use the pool, splash in the creek, hike 1/4 mile to the Russian River, enjoy archery or BB guns, or just relax. The children's groups will have their first meeting after dinner, concluding with s'mores around the campfire and an evening prayer.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings will feature group activities, guided by group leaders, for kids from 2-16 including Principle Life Education, Art, and Science. Parents are responsible for their children 2 and under, although they would be welcome to join the group leaders who will coordinate activities for kids of kindergarten age and under. A workshop for parents is also being planned. Afternoons are set aside for families to enjoy all the outdoor activities mentioned above together. On Friday and Saturday the entire family will enjoy the evening programs.

Family Camp will conclude with lunch on Sunday, August 21. The Family Camp schedule is flexible to allow you to participate on one, two, three, four, or all five days. Altogether, camp covers four 24 hour periods from after-lunch Wednesday through lunch on Sunday.

Cost per Person (Adults and Children over 2)

The following fees for Family Camp include food, accommodations*, and camp-related materials:


Adults (age 17 and up): $32/day
Adolescents (12-16): $25/day
Children (age 3-11): $20/day
2 and under: Free
Family registration fee: $10

Sign up July 5-August 14

Adults: $35/day
Adolescent: $27
Child $22
Family registration fee: $20

Sign up August 15 or later or just show up at camp

Adult: $45
Adolescent: $32
Child: $27
Family registration fee: $25

*Additional charges of $15 per person per night) apply for lodging in special cabins. Availability is on a first come-first served basis. Please indicate your preference on the application and pay in advance to guarantee reservations.

Family Camp is flexible. You can attend one, two, three, four, or all five days (Wednesday through Sunday). Children attending camp must be accompanied by their own parent(s) or attached to a host family. A child attending with a host family is not covered by the host family's registration fee and must pay a separate family registration fee.

A day is a 24 hour period from 1 pm through 1 pm. There is no credit for missed meals. A person who stays overnight is required to pay for the full day. Additional meals are $5 each. A person staying for the total camp experience would pay for 4 full days.

A driver who does not stay overnight must pay $5 per meal but will not be charged the full day rate. Please give your payment to a staff member and request that it be passed to Justin.

Sorry, no pets allowed by our hosts, the Boy Scouts. Please make arrangements for your pets to enjoy a short vacation elsewhere while you are at Family Camp relaxing!

Staff Scholarships

Staff scholarships worth $128 for 4 days are available for parents or older 2nd Gen who have experience working with children and can help lead activities. We need adults to work with children aged: Preschool/Kindergarten; 1st/2nd; 3rd/4th; 5th/6th; 7th/8th; Art; Science; BB Guns; Archery; Lifeguards; and Cooking. Please indicate on your application if you are interested in being considered for a staff scholarship and what ages of children or areas you can help with.

Staff members need to be present for all five days of the camp (Wednesday through Sunday) and be able to meet each evening after the closing prayer for an important Staff Meeting.

21-Day Prayer Condition

Please make a 21-day prayer condition for the Family Camp from Wednesday, July 27 through Tuesday, August 16 to prepare a spiritually uplifting experience for each family:

Parents and children can experience Heavenly Father's and True Parents' heart through the Family Camp experience; the Shim Jung community is a reality.

Participants are safe spiritually and physically.

Families renew their inspiration and commitment to participating together in providential activities.

May God bless you and your family.


Rev. Kevin Thompson
District Director

Martin Carmody
Family Camp Director

Justin Fleischman

Please mail registration materials and fees to:

Justin Fleischman
280 Carlsbad Court
San Rafael, CA 94903 

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