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Young Jin Nim Tenth Anniversary Memorial Service

Kevin Thompson
October 27, 2009

On October 27, 2009, a beautiful memorial service was held in Reno, Nevada, in memory of Young Jin Moon on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of his passing to the spiritual world. The ceremony was led by Yeon Ah (Choi) Nim and Bishop Ki Hoon Kim, who drove for eight hours from Las Vegas to participate. The service was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Seung, who have been holding an annual prayer service for the last ten years since Young Jin’s passing in 1999 in Reno.

Mrs. Seung, Mrs Alena Smith, Kazuyo Wiltermood, and others prepared a traditional Korean offering table and a heavenly atmosphere to honor Young Jin Nim. As the participants arrived and gathered for the service, there was a unique sense of hope and expectancy in the room, with a prevailing sense of joy all around.

Kenritzu Yamamoto was the MC and led the service in both Korean and English. The service began with singing, traditional bows, and the Family Pledge. Six representatives then lit incense, and each offered toasts to the spiritual world. An opening prayer was offered by Rev. Kevin Thompson of the Bay Area Family Church and District Director.

Reverend Thompson prayed in repentance that we had not been more sensitive to the True Children and spent time judging them rather than supporting them. What a tragedy that any of the True Children should be lost to this world! He appealed to Young Jin Nim to support our movement in America and especially our president, In Jin Nim, as she builds a movement that can liberate True Parents.

Yeon Ah Nim gave the main message. She shared that she met Young Jin Nim only a few times, but she recalled that he was very bright and, as she was the new bride of Hyo Jin Nim, he went out of his way to make her feel comfortable and welcomed into the family. She remarked that Young Jin Nim seemed so mature for his age.

Yeon Ah Nim recounted that when True Mother gave her the news that Young Jin Nim had passed away, she saw True Mother break down and cry. Yeon Ah Nim had us recall how much True Parents have suffered, especially in losing four of their children to the spirit world early. She also shared that she had had other plans but felt compelled to change her schedule and drive all the way to Reno to be able to be part of this service. She knew the reason for this was the fact that Hyo Jin Nim and Young Jin Nim (as well as Heung Jin Nim and Hye Jin Nim) are together in the spirit world and working for God’s providence.

Continental Director Bishop Ki Hoon Kim gave testimony to the good character of Young Jin Nim, who was a delightful child of True Parents and never gave any trouble. Young Jin Nim had completed two years of college and then took a year off in order to support his younger brother, Hyung Jin Nim, in his academic work and preparation for college. Young Jin Nim had such a heart of love and sacrifice that he was always looking to help others.

Hyung Jin Nim has stated that the passing of his beloved brother Young Jin Nim was such a shock for him and that this propelled him to ask serious questions about life and faith. Those questions led Hyung Jin Nim on a journey of religious discovery, which brought him to clearly understand and appreciate who True Parents are and to become their disciple as well as faithful son. This, in turn, led to Hyung Jin Nim becoming the International President of HSA-UWC.

Bishop Kim said that it is not the True Children who should pay the great price of indemnity, but they do so on our behalf. We should be deeply grateful to Young Jin Nim for his sacrifice and redouble our efforts to be one with True Parents. Bishop Kim also recounted how True Parents had recently come to Reno, prayed seriously for Young Jin Nim, and declared that they had forgiven all issues surrounding Young Jin Nim’s death, including those who had hurt Young Jin Nim’s heart. Bishop Kim said that Father is counting the days on his fingers until the completion of God’s Providence and that from now on all of the True Children, leaders, and brothers and sisters should be totally united with our True Parents as we march on to 2013.

The service concluded with sharing of foods from the offering table and a Korean meal in Young Jin Nim’s honor. Yeon Ah Nim and the group then went to pray at the hotel room where Young Jin Nim spent his last night, the place where True Parents prayed recently.

Written by Rev. Kevin Thompson, District Director from the Bay Area Family Church 

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