The Words of the Thompson Family

Farewell to Reverend Cotter

Kevin Thompson
August 11, 2009

Brothers and sisters

Thank you so very much for your wonderful turnout for the farewell for Rev Cotter last Friday. Reverend and Mrs. Cotter invested their heart and soul for the past two and half years and I know that many of you were touched by their ministry. Now Rev Cotter has a big mission as the Executive Vice President of our church. He will be the right-hand man for our President In Jin Nim and is deeply loved and trusted by her. Let us pray for Rev Cotter and also support his family who will remain with us here in the Bay Area.

Also, thank you for the wonderful welcome which I have received. It was an incredible honor to work closely with In Jin Nim to get Lovin' Life started in New York and now I have the opportunity to represent her here in California. I am very grateful to be back here with my family and with my spiritual family. I love the Bay Area Family Church and want to see us grow and be ever more successful, through witnessing as well as in making a community which is heavenly. I look forward to working together with you to propel our church to the next level.

Kevin Thompson 

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