The Words of the Tesarkova Family

ETF Reflection of the Whole Year

Pavla Tesarkova
October 23, 2002

To make a reflection of one year of an intense public mission seems quite a lot, and it is a lot to think about, but Iíll do my best to write it all down. Why did I actually want to go to the ETF? There are many reasons, but 2 main ones are 1) to do something amazing for God; 2) prepare myself for the Blessing. There were of course many others; e.g. to change my character, to have unforgettable experiences with God, to meet with others and create a family, etc. I was a bit nervous and stressed thinking will I be able to deal with this sometimes difficult mission. But I promised to God that Iíll do anything for Him!

We started in Camberg on 1st October 2001, exactly 11 months ago. I was looking forward this ETF year very much preparing myself internally by praying and reading TFís words, also by reading the 1st yearís girls reflections and externally by working and making money so Iíd have for the fee. Actually on our 1st day we came to Camberg late as we missed our plane, so we, from the UK, (Rita, Mike, Anthea and me) started to get to know each other. When we got to Camberg almost everyone has already arrived, I felt quite strange standing next to the people not knowing them but knowing one day weíll be like a family. So just to introduce altogether there were 16 people, 9 brothers and 7 sisters. Weíre quite international as you can see from the following list.

Sisters: Sibeal (team leader) - Denmark, Anthea - UK, Agnes - France, Diane - France, Mira - Austria, Rita - UK and me from Czech and UK. Brothers: Stephan (team leader) - Germany, Ando - Portugal, Arthur - Holland, Chung-Hee - Germany & Guatemala, Edgar - France, Gwion - Holland, Juan - Spain, Kris - Norway and Mike - UK.

Our 21 day workshop started. It didnít take us too long to get to know each other. It was brilliant workshop where we had lecturers coming from all around Europe; we heard many good lectures, testimonies and morning inspirations (given by all of us). This gave us some kind of introduction to our year, so we knew what to expect and what we should be ready for. So we gave a pledge to God that this year is His and weíll do anything in order to make Him happy and contribute to His providence. During these 21-days we also had many fun times, I just remember the mud fight where we got muddy from head to toe so we couldnít even recognize each other. All the sports and games we played in order to break the ice among us and get to know each other. Also in this time we had 3 days of fundraising in Düsseldorf (Germany) selling candles to get a taste of what fundraising is about, and to get ourselves ready for the upcoming 2 months of fundraising. These 3 days were a great experience. The fundraising itself was quite difficult; we had crazy conditions as we were packing these candles until 3 am and then the next day 9 or rather a little later the same day!) went out fundraising with them. In this time Iíve experienced one of the best blitzing (fundraising to make a goal, especially in pubs, restaurants, on the street - anywhere where there are people). We went out to the streets at 1am and we were selling candles to all kinds of people we met, it was great to be running around the streets and connecting those people to God. Stephan was our team leader, who liked to make challenging conditions for us. After that we continued in the 21 day workshop, where we received many great lectures and I really felt internally prepared for the year. I gave to God promises that Iíll do my best to unite with any mission given to me and Iíll do my best to fulfill it. I was already looking forward to our 2 months of fundraising.

The teams were divided, and our team which went to Switzerland consisted of Sibeal as a team leader, Julius as a team assistant and driver, Agnes, Mira, Edgar, Mike, Gwion, Kris and me. After the 21 day workshop we all felt much closer to each other and we (the sisters) were crying when we got separated.

The 1st fundraising period was 3 weeks long, and then we went for a few days to the UK for Hee Won Hwe Blessing workshop and then continued with fundraising another 5 weeks.

When I think about the period of the 1st 3 weeks I have a very good feeling. I remember having many nice experiences with people and experiencing Godís feelings, being really united with the team and not wanting to leave when the 3 weeks were over. I remember one particular day very clearly; I gave myself a goal of being one with God and the external goal was also quite a high one, but I knew that if I invest and give everything internally and externally and have faith God will take care of the rest. The 1st run was 4 hrs long and at the end when I had only 5 minutes left I packed up the product but then I felt I need to go and do few more flats. So I did another floor of flats where all the people bought, and then I had to run to my pick up point. Then when I counted my result I found that I had made exactly as my goal and the same thing happened during my 2nd run. That day I gave myself a goal for the rest of the fundraising condition to invest and to always have faith. Also during this period we went to Italy to experience MFT for 3 days, and truly it was an experience I am never going to forget. That time in northern Italy was freezing cold and my first two days were very difficult as everybody has at their homes intercoms and that makes everything much more difficult; to get people out of their houses to look at the heavenly product...

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