The Words of the Taylor Family

Experiencing God's Love and Heart for the World

Sungyul Taylor

Before we started this condition, Vasily was giving a morning service about how everything on STF would be lost unless you learn to connect to God. Without God, it is absolutely pointless. Unless you connect to God, you are wasting your time on STF pretty much. Sometimes it is easy to get confused because there's a lot of information out there. But God is the reason we are all here. God has called you, no one else called you, not your parents, not yourself, God! No one else. So you have to connect to Him. You have to make sure that what you are doing is real, that you are doing this for something substantial.

This condition I really made constant effort to connect to God. Emmanuel (2nd Year captain-in-training) gave a morning service about even the constant thought of God is restoring the gap that exists between you and God even without knowing that you are coming closer to Him.

In our team, we chose one God's word everyday so that we could all remember that all day. One of the quotes that we chose was: "Do your best to fight against evil and Satan, and have nothing to do with sin. If you do that even without knowing it, you are gradually moving closer to the heart of God." When you are making effort to connect to God, you have nothing to do with Satan, so you are naturally coming closer to Him. You don't even know it. You don't even see it most of the time. But you are coming closer to God! You've got to have faith in that. I really tried to do that and after a while, fundraising didn't become just a structure.

I can't explain in words, but I could feel God so deeply, that God really loved people so much. I don't know where this came from but it said God would sacrifice every single human being on earth for one person. God would sacrifice everything and everyone else and it includes True Family. God loves the fallen people so much that He would sacrifice all of us and everyone else of earth. That is how much God loves us. It's probably even deeper than that, this is just an analogy. It's probably stronger than we know.

I remember the first time that I could really feel God's love for people. I am very uncomfortable in a tight situation, like doing restaurants where it's really packed and everyone is looking at you. I really tried to make strong effort on the frontline and pray to God about people then after a while you can start to feel it. It doesn't become up here (head) anymore, it moves, it goes right here (heart). It was really good.

There was this one time I walked into a car rental store and there is a businessman. Usually people have bad concepts about businessmen because they are sort of money-centered. I just looked at this guy's face, and suddenly I could just feel God's love for him. It was just crazy! I cannot even explain it. But it was just like, God loves him so much, so I just could not have concepts about this person. Even I tried, I could not think negatively about him.

On my record day, my spirit was so low in the morning. When I was in the parking lot, I just had the inspiration to really pray. I prayed really strongly, and had to really invest in it. It was only like 2 - 3 minutes, but just tried to really give a lot in it. That time I felt God's desperation the most, so strongly. I felt I had to be really strong with people. And I made so many people angry that run! I was totally subjective, nobody dominated me you. But I felt like it was True Father's nature. True Father knows that if he's not strong enough, like "you can do this. It is good but you don't have to," then you would compromise and you are in trouble. You are absolutely in trouble! I felt like God needs to save these people so I cannot compromise. "Would you like to buy?" "No! You've got to!" I didn't say it with my words but with my spirit. That run was like, it was pretty high for me and that is how I made my record that day.

The conclusion is, when you connect to God, you have the power. You don't just understand the power but you feel the power, that you can overcome anything. That you feel you can't be lazy, or unfocused or, you know half-hearted because God needs it done. You know God is so desperate, so crazy for people, you feel like you just can't give in to yourself. You can't give into a situation. God needs it done so. Not just like you are a mindless zombie but you really want to do it. You really feel like God needs to do it. I hope that it was good enough.

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