The Words of the Taylor Family

How I Prepared For Being Matched

Dennis Taylor
September 10, 2002

I joined the church in 1974, during the IOWC campaign and over the years prior to the matching and blessing, had many opportunities to think about the prospect. I was working in situations that exposed me to older blessed couples and was able to see first hand their experiences up close. The thing I remember most was that the majority of members were not blessed. It was rare to see a blessed family and always seemed like it was something that, although intriguing, was "in the future" for me, but not real relevant for my day to day mission. I knew and in my heart those were very special people, I realized I had to grow a lot to someday become like them, even though it seemed far off in the future.

That changed dramatically in the spring of 78 when the news that a matching was about to take place. I was overwhelmed by the thought of getting matched. All my brothers were talking of getting international matchings and I remember being really torn up about what to do. I prayed real hard and long for those days prior to the matching and couldn't get a clear conviction about my desires. I did come to the realization that this process was about something much larger than myself. That permeated my very being and so I could come to an understanding of the scope of the prospect in front of me.

I was conflicted about preferences and concepts up to the moment we all entered the Grand Ballroom at the Hotel New Yorker. After all, I had not gone the formula course. My MFT experience was only for a year and I had no spiritual children, although I was working on several at the time and felt confident I could reach the goal, I was still internally conflicted and felt unworthy of this moment.

I spent the many long hours waiting in the mass of matching candidates, lost in a sea of internal dialogue that seemed to pick up intensity and speed as the minutes turned to hours and hours went by. I had taken up a space far away from the center of the action. I was under the balcony sitting down against the wall, surrounded by brothers and sisters all standing involved in the process. I felt disconnected, like I wasn't really there. Although I wanted to be, I just couldn't reconcile my feelings and thoughts. I was in the midst of a conversation with our Father in Heaven and it went back and forth for what seemed like a very long time. He tried to comfort my heart by reminding me that all my life He had always taken care of me and given me what was the best I could receive. I remember going over and over the milestones, both good and bad, in my life and wondering about this moment I was about to transcend. I was preparing to choose my mate. Not a temporal situation, but ETERNAL. That was and still is a BIG deal to me even today. I had to come to grips with making a decision that was going to have far reaching implications, eternal implications. That was very serious.

Anyway, I was finally convinced that God had always had my best interest at heart and realized it was totally my choice to trust Him or not. He knew me better than I could ever know myself. I had some serious trepidation about going forward and when the moment of my breakthrough came, I was totally at peace and absolutely prepared to receive what ever God intended for me.

At that very moment Mr. Kamiyama came through the crowd and picked me up by my hand and led me out into the middle of the room. True Father was at the other end and every one in the center of the room was sitting, except me as I was led out into Father's view. He came up and took my hand and as if to offer a hand shake and as I returned the grip, I felt completely at ease and full of confidence to follow Father at that point.

Instead of a hand shake, he began to wrestle with my arm, twisting it this way and that. I had no idea what he was up to, I had to decide, should I resist the twisting or give in to it. I concluded immediately to follow the twisting but with firm and sure grip, not to let go and to offer just the slightest resistance. Father looked into my eyes and laughed. I felt deep Love coming over me from my Heavenly Father, as GOD spoke to me, "I LOVE YOU, Trust ME". Father was the conduit and the energy flowed through Him tome.

That was all it took. He turned and asked the room, "who wants a 250lb Karate Champion?" I felt tested.

I knew I would accept anything at this point, completely knowing God was blessing me with a match to my Eternal Mate. After looking through the room and going through the picture albums 3 times, I was getting concerned. God spoke to my heart again, "Trust Me, I Love You!" At that moment Father went to a far corner of the room and then, there she was. We proceeded to the balcony to speak to each other about this amazing eternal prospect. It was Love at First Sight! We both had a short conversation and prayed together for confirmation. We are deep in Love to this day and I thank GOD for that LOVE. I am looking forward to Eternity with my wife. We have had a blessed life together and have 3 wonderful and amazing children. GOD Bless us ALL!, everyone.

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