The Words of the Tamayo Family

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Blessed Teens Academy (Jeri Tamayo - March 29, 2006)

Letter Of Support For BTA (Steve and Jeri Tamayo - January 11, 2008)

Direction (Tami Tamayo - April 23, 2009)

Blessed Teens Academy -- The Power of a True Community (Jeri Tamayo - November 2011)

Young Unificationists and Christian Clergy Create Shared Learning Experience (Jeri Tamayo - February 28, 2012 pdf)

Blessed Teens Academy Takes Hak Ja Han Moon’s Message to Heart (Michael Hentrich and Jeri Tamayo October 27, 2012 pdf)

MFT: Run barefoot in snow until every candy is gone (Jeri Tamayo - August 3, 2017 pdf)

I never struggled on Christmas fund raising - I felt safe and solid on MFT (Jeri Tamayo - August 3, 2017 pdf)

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Moon Family Page

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