The Words of the Tallakson Family

Black Birds Undermine Faith

Jeff Tallakson
December 26, 1998

When a brother sent a negative article out by email to many centers, I wrote this essay on negative words. He said his motivation was good. He thought we should be aware that such negativity exists. (Duh :->) He said people have a "right to know" and "our members ought to know what the other side is saying," and "we need to be prepared to deal with it."

Though his motivations seem laudable, I could ascertain he sent out garbage crafted by a sworn enemy of every good thing True Parents stand for. In our situation we have a lot of young members who are very dedicated, grow beautifully and love sincerely and are making foundations for the Blessings which I dare say are much more sound then were most of ours.

The words our brother sent to our new members were crafted by hateful people and I call them "black birds". They call out words of falsehood from overhead. The cawing and croaking of naysaying, hope-destroying words -- demoralizing blackness. J.R.R. Tolkien writes in his classic fantasy novel "Lord of the Rings" of the black Nazgulls.

Sworn enemies of True Parents cannot be so brave as to refute Divine Principle. I have never seen a serious attempt at this. Often they attack guerrilla style, from secret, with pseudonyms, false addresses, and undocumented sources, so as to not be responsible for their lies and half-truths. They are there, but try to find them. Like the Nazgulls, these black birds come invisibly using the airwaves, the media, the internet.

My daughter told me, "I had a spiritual child and he was going to come to the 2-day seminar but later he said he wouldn’t come and he gave as the excuse that he checked about us on the internet and he found a lot of negative stuff about us." Well. We have to have a stronger love then, don't we?

And they want to get you too. They want to know who you are. They want your name. They desperately want to know who their enemy is because you will destroy their little merciless self-centered political/material world. They want to know your weak points. They want to know your strong points. They want to know your mission. And if they can find out some program of charity of education you are doing, they will call that government agency with which you work to demand they stop cooperation with you.

Question: Shouldn’t we respect and sincerely answer people who ask us questions, even if they ask about facts we don't like to deal with? We cannot just put our heads in the sand can we? Answer: Of course we have to deal with the dark shadows of our Unification Family and in True Family. But you must distinguish who is sincerely asking and who has the agenda that is out to get you.

These are people who cannot be pleased by any love. They like to play good cop but they are bad cop. They will say "Show us! O, please show us! Tell us all the good you are doing! Are you doing good? Really? O my goodness! Please show us!"

And next after you document all you are doing they will call the government and NGO agencies with which you cooperate and sabotage everything. I have been through this many times. This is the dark lord. You cannot win with love against this person. You cannot be open and honest with this person. You cannot put it all down in writing for them. Because they don't care about truth. Not at all. They wouldn’t know sincerity if it came up and kissed them on the cheek. You need to be careful, yet the only thing you can do is love.

-- I send you out in the midst of wolves, therefore be wise about what you say and be innocent because they will accuse you over anything you say and do, even about what you only intend to do. --

THEIR GOAL IS TO DEMORALIZE YOU. To make you believe that YOU’RE NO GOOD. YOU DON'T HAVE A TRUTH. What is your real purpose, anyway? YOU DON'T DO ANYTHING WORTHWHILE. They say -- Go ahead, tell me about fish powder and Cameroon. Go ahead. Say just one more stupid thing to me before I drive this final nail in. -- Their goal is to TURN YOU. With just a slight switch you can be turned to mouth their message and even unwittingly further their goals. Eventually you find yourself in their corner, and you join them. If they cannot TURN YOU, then they will be happy if only to ISOLATE YOU. (You can have your own private little spiritual inn somewhere.) They will be satisfied if YOU GIVE UP. They want to STOP YOU from being a conduit of love and truth connected to God and True Parents.

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