The Words of the Takiyama Family

Divine Principle, Supreme Education

Barbara Takiyama
January 13, 2000

I am for education if you can go to college, go. I only got an eighth grade education because my mother pulled me out of school to help support the family because my dad left.

I also think the Divine Principle is the supreme education but we have all come from different paths and are called to restore different problems. Someone coming from a good family has a lot to offer as they weren't bogged down from the same problems such as someone coming from a broken home. If you take these 2 types and you can label them as Cain and Abel. God might be asking Abel to help him with the providence and he is asking Cain to overcome the resentment. Abel is easy to make the offering to God while Cain has to overcome his resentment. Cain has a lot more work to do because he has to overcome the past and unite with Abel.

I hope I won't get a lot of "flack" for writing this because I am the one that joined that God asked me to overcome the resentment that I inherited because of a broken home.

The Unification Family brought out more of my resentment because of the analogy of calling Cain and Abel. After hearing the Chapter 2 lecture I felt we were all under the same boat. Cain and Abel but still under the lineage of Adam and Eve so I don't know how some people could justify themselves as being superior.

Anyway Father gave a speech about how some people carried a lot of "baggage" from their ancestors and some people didn't . He explained the analogy of their offering to God. It was in Barrytown and I felt he was talking to me. I felt so much love from him. Sometimes I could feel God recognized my heart from previous talks. I don't remember the name of the speech but I think the year was 1975.

I also think someone like myself is asked to "Clean out the baggage and I used various methods to do so. One of the fastest ways would be going the formula course and I tried my hand at fundraising but some of the baggage I carried around was too heavy so the load had to be lightened. So I broke my back in a MFT accident and I had to learn how to walk all over again. I took the accident as having some indemnity paid so I wouldn't have to carry so much baggage around. That accident is another story in itself.

I have to say the church took care of me for six months after I got out of the hospital. I was on crutches so I couldn't do much. So I may appear as someone who doesn't like to follow and I may appear as a crusty person or someone who is always "Cained out" But in my heart DP is 100 percent true and that makes True Family as true to me no matter what problems we see in that family. Maybe Father is in the position of "Job."

But the methods to carry out the providence - some of this doesn't make sense to me and I don't know a better way and some of the things people think I should do I don't do.

One of the things that frustrated me so much is that some of the leadership just expected us to follow - no questions asked. I remember the meeting that was in DC about the questions some members had about some of the True Children. This was before Nansook's book was published.

This lady that was called to help us with our questions just screamed and yelled at us. I don't remember why others came but I came to see how this meeting was going to be handled.

Afterwards, I wondered what was the purpose of this meeting? Yes her heart was in the right place I could see that but at the same time I was also seeing how much respect she had for us. So the next time they had a meeting, I did not go. She said something about Father wanting to rip our tongues out for talking about the True Children. I wanted to leave that meeting but I was sitting in the middle and I couldn't leave.

I never wrote or talked about the True Family because my family had similar problems and I felt that Father was called to do certain things. I may not understand but only have faith through this difficult time for True Family, but I wont let some other member or leader use that against me. Some of the earlier members came from good homes. A lot of them left because of the problems.

I am still here.

Back to getting a college education, and to the earlier posts that were written, the government made a peace treaty with the Native Indians and they can go get a college education . All they need to go is some community hours on the reservation. It must be a 2 or 4 year degree term. This came late to me, although my son can go, my nephews are going and even my baby sister is going. But I am past 50 and my brain isn't working as sharply as before. Shaloom!

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