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Updated Information of the 2nd Pilgrimage to Israel

Kazuo Takami
August 20, 2003

To: All Members in Region 12 (Midwest Region)
From: Rev. Kazuo Takami for Bishop Ki Hoon Kim
RE: Updated Information of the 2nd Pilgrimage to Israel

Dear all Family members of Chicago Region,

The following is updated information of the 2nd pilgrimage to Israel. And our regional goal (including MI & WI) is 8 participants.

If you have any question, please contact Rev. Kazuo Takami at Chicago Regional HQ (773-274-7441).

I. Pilgrimage Dates/Route/Itinerary

We now have one flight for ALL 120 participants from Rome to Tel Aviv to New York, and will travel the first leg from the US to Rome via 2 or 3 flights, all leaving and arriving within 1 or 2 hours of each other. This first leg will be finalized by Thursday morning, along with an overall tour itinerary. Our current air schedule is:

USA to Rome (September 16th)

1) Via Continental #40 from Newark, NJ- Dep. 5:45 PM - Arr. 7:45 AM (17th)

2) Via Alitalia #611 from JFK, Dep. 7:15 PM - Arr. 9:25 AM (17th)

3) One more flight possible- TO BE ANNOUNCED

Rome to Tel Aviv (September 19th)

120 passengers via El Al #386 from Rome, Dep. 12:50 PM - Arr. 5:05 PM

Tel Aviv to USA (September 23rd)

120 passengers via El Al #001 from Tel Aviv, Dep. 1:00 AM - Arr. 5:25 AM

II. Qualifications for Participation

In addition to the qualifications already mentioned (Christian pastors should have taken down their crosses or signed a proclamation of support), EACH PARTICIPANT SHOULD BE A REGISTERED MEMBER OF ACLC.

III. Participant Costs

Each participant will be responsible for $1,200, and each region must be responsible for domestic airfare (travel to and from the departure airport in New York). Note: ACLC will organize transportation for any participant whose departure airport (for example, Newark) differs from their arrival airport (for example, JFK ) due to the available itinerary.

IV. Deadline for Reporting Participant Names

Please recruit actively, and send applications ASAP. OUR DEADLINE WILL BE AT OR AROUND THE END OF AUGUST, but for best domestic airfares, your participants should be clear by August 27.

V. Participant Information- Passport & Visa Info/Attire/What to Prepare

Passports or travel documents are of course required for all participants. All other details will be distributed by Friday, August 22.


Thank you

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