The Words of the Taguchi Family

Reflections of Dae Mo Nim's Europe tour

Miyako Taguchi
April 2005
Event in UK

I was really looking forward to meet Dae Mo Nim before the day of meeting. I didnít expect to meet Dae Mo Nim and do clapping session in Europe.

First 3 weeks of this condition, I was quite sick physically and mentally. I was not sure what the reason was, but I am surmising that it is because of spiritual world. I never had spiritual problems before and I never felt spiritual things, but this time I truly felt curiousness of my spiritual aspect. So when I heard Dae Mo Nim will come to the UK, I thought it is miracle and I was expecting the spiritual world would become bright.

Dae Mo Nim and Heung Jin Nim brought two hundred and five billion absolute good spirits to the UK. I was surprised by the number. We donít know and we canít see the spiritual world, so it is little difficult to feel that there are so many absolute good spirits around us. We cannot do anything for them on our own, but through Dae Mo Nimís hard work we can liberate them. In my case I am receiving so much support from my ancestors. I am very grateful for it, and I can liberate them with my gratitude. So Iím really grateful that Dae Mo Nim came to Europe to liberate our ancestors, bless them and grant our wishes. Also she taught us many things about spiritual world. For example, the process that our ancestors will go after being liberated, the conversation with God, it was really interesting. Especially she emphasized that while witnessing to people, "We have to live in the neighborhood in happiness". Her speech was also really good to remind my motivation to witnessing. During the clapping session, I was almost full of happiness. I had experienced these clapping sessions many times before, but this time was kind of special for me. Maybe my ancestors really wanted to be liberated. One thing that I was grateful for is that I understand Korean. During Dae Mo Nimís speech, I translated to the sisters in my team, because we didnít have radio. Usually I struggle with my English so I get lots of support from brothers and sisters. However, this time I could convey Dae Mo Nimís word to my teammates. I am really grateful about it.

It was very nice meeting with Dae Mo Nim. I really want to thank Dae Mo Nim and True Parents for their continuous efforts. Thank you.

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