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Larry Sutker- Great American

Michael Jenkins
April 24, 2005

Dear Family,

Larry Sutker's Seung Hwa was a great testimony to a great life of a great American and a great man of God. He said, "people trust sincerity" - that is why people trusted Larry and he succeeded so well in all his missions. He was a most "sincere" man of faith.

I had many experiences with Larry in Chicago and in Chung Pyung. He is truly an historic man of faith.

Attached here is the Testimony from Mr. Eric Erstling

With Love,
Rev. Michael Jenkins

Larry Sutker Testimony
by Eric Erstling

Our brother Larry Sutker passed on to the SW on April 16, 2005 at the age of 53. On April 18th, a very beautiful Seung-Hwa and Won-Jon ceremony was held with over 100 people in attendance, including his mother, brother, sister (all three gave testimonies) and other relatives. Bishop and Mrs. Kim, Rev. Bruce Sutchar, and many others helped make this a memorable event honoring and celebrating Larry's life and time on earth.

I first met Larry 25 years ago and became intimately close with him during the past 12 years as we both worked with Hudson River Inlay. Larry was one of the most sincere, giving and faithful people I've ever known. He loved True Parents and felt responsible to act upon Father's directions all the time. In business, he was always either the top or one of the top salespeople in every venture he worked in. He could bring result even under the most adverse conditions. Yet he wasn't one-dimensional; he participated in 40-day workshops in Chung-Pyung and Jardim and was quite involved with Chicago's Family Church activities, whether it be witnessing with missionaries, outreach to ministers or any other needs for the Providence.

Larry, as I mentioned, could make money, but he was always offering it to the Providence. He always supported Kumiko-san, his wife, as she worked for the Providence on a daily basis.

Heavenly Father gave us, who were blessed to know Larry, a golden opportunity to improve our lives by knowing him. He had so many wonderful virtues and was a well-rounded person. I'd like to share a few of these virtues that have and always will affect me.

Larry had an uncanny ability to focus. His dream was to bring cosmic salvation yet he was also able to invest in the here-and-now. He would not let personal matters interfere with his responsibilities of the moment. He would shut down a conversation between us, even in a blunt way if necessary, so that he could focus on his mission and responsibilities of the moment. I would be shocked at his seemingly lack of respect, but I actually respected his awareness of his priorities and the importance of his investment.

Larry always wanted to see improvement. He was a good student and always wanted to learn and become an expert in what he was involved in. He could then offer clear, quality opinions on improving the business he was working with. He was also a great teacher. He was the best sales trainer, teaching others how to improve their skills through his special methods of giving. He would teach even at the expense of his time. He believed he had special talents, and felt it was his duty as well as desire to share and enlighten others in their own abilities.

Larry would take on any challenge and usually the most difficult one, without complaint. He could make heaven in the most contradictory environment and bring great success. He not only took on these challenges, he would request them.

Most especially, Larry was loving and giving. I never met anyone who didn't like/love Larry. He always said, "Eric, just smile and give and be sincere." He'd continue, "People trust sincerity." He gave to everyone unequivocally. He treated everyone equally and with high respect. No one was below him was his way of approaching life and people. I often stayed at Larry's house, as others did, when traveling through Chicago. His home was always open and he and his wife and children allowed one to feel unashamedly comfortable. He always stayed at my place when he was in New York, allowing my family to know him. He always treated my children with great respect.

In times and moments of difficulty, I always think of Larry and how he would attack the issue. From that I gain strength to tackle any situation with a clear and clean heart. Thank you Heavenly Father and Larry; thank you for allowing me the chance to inherit your unique heart (Larry's unique heart) through our time together. We all have a golden opportunity to inherit Godly qualities from each other. Those who knew Larry had that great blessing, so let's use it.

Right now I can see Larry in the SW, riding his Harley, wearing a straw hat with Birkenstocks on his feet, holding his harmonica in one hand, his DP book opened and clipped onto his bike and a switchblade in his pocket, proclaiming True Parents to the Cosmos with a big smile on his face.

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