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The Power of Unity is the Central Theme of the August, 2008 ACLC Pastors’ Prayer Breakfast in Chicago

Bruce Sutchar
August 19, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008, was a day of great inspiration as one-hundred religious leaders gathered at the Greater Holy Temple Church on the west side of Chicago for the monthly ACLC Pastors’ Prayer Breakfast. The host pastor, Bishop Earnest Hamilton, is the founder of Love Fellowship International Churches and the Hamilton Foundation of Chicago. He was an active supporter of the recent Global Peace Festival in Washington, DC where he invested a week’s effort in educating pastors in the Washington, DC, area about the festival and mobilized 26 members of his church to attend. Arrangements for the breakfast in his beautiful facility were perfectly executed and the environment was filled with a welcoming and an uplifting spirit.

Dr. A. Harold White (ACLC Illinois Co-Chairman) called the gathering to order and Bishop Hamilton offered the host greeting and invocation. As the breakfast was served, familiar and new guests continually arrived, spirit quickly transformed everyone into new friends! The breakfast was followed by powerful representative prayers for the city, state, nation and world and a proclamation of the ACLC Statement of Purpose.

A spirited video report was played of the historic Global Peace Festival on August 9 in Washington, DC, and Rev. William Martin of Chance Ministries shared about his experiences at the festival and the accompanying American Leadership Conference. He described his astonishment at the religious, racial and ethnic diversity of the thousands gathered on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol. He was deeply moved by the music and the presentations, especially the testimonies of two mothers who were reconciled through God’s unconditional love after one mother’s son was murdered by the other mother’s son. He also praised Dr. Hyun Jin Moon for his vision and profound leadership in inspiring the festival.

An additional special report was given by Mr. Samuel Weber, a young missionary from Cameroon, Africa, who had been preparing to return to his homeland with a ministry to spread the Gospel throughout the nation. He showed a brief video report of his work and asked the assembled clergy to join him in an ongoing prayer condition as a foundation for his future program. He exemplified the fulfillment of “living for the sake of others” and everyone was inspired by his dedication and sincere desire to save God's children.

The main message was delivered by Dr. James Bass, Pastor Emeritus of the historic Mt. Olive MBC and one of the most beloved religious leaders in Chicago and the nation. He was introduced by ACLC Founding Member, Pastor T. L. Barrett, Jr., who testified that Dr. Bass generously opened his pulpit to him as a young preacher as well as to scores of other preachers throughout Chicago as they started their ministries. Dr. Bass’ message focused on “unity” which he began with a beautiful analysis of the phrase “One Family Under God”. He referred to texts in John 17:20 where Jesus prayed for the unity of all believers and Acts Chapter 2 where, on the day of Pentecost, Jesus’ disciples were in one place, in one accord and with one direction. He reminded us how God’s great power of goodness is realized through unified prayer and action!

Dr. Bass continued his message with the famous story of a man on his deathbed who gathered his 12 sons and asked them to collect 14 sticks. He gave one stick to the eldest son and asked him to break it. Next, he gave one stick to the youngest son and asked him to do the same. When they had successfully broken their sticks, he asked them to bind the remaining 12 sticks together and try to break them, but it was impossible. This is the strength of unity! Dr. Bass proclaimed that he is convinced that the ministry of Father and Mother Moon is creating leaders who are turning the world upside down! It is through their power and commitment to creating unity that God abundantly blesses their work!

A surprise guest during the program was Bishop Ki Hoon Kim, National ACLC Chairman. He shared closing remarks and graciously thanked all Chicago clergy for their continual support of the ACLC and their source of inspiration throughout the nation. The benediction was offered by renowned revivalist, Rev. Leroy Elliott. As the guests continued to fellowship after the end of the program, the fulfillment of Dr. Bass’ wonderful message was clearly evident. Everyone was filled with a spirit of hope and excitement as they exchanged information on their ministries and made plans for future reunions. Unity centered on God is the key to building the Kingdom! 

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