The Words of the Sutchar Family

ACLC Prayer Dinner in Washington, DC

Bruce Sutchar
March 16, 2007
Washington, DC

On a recent Sunday night Bishop Kim and the ACLC hosted a delegation of 50 Chicago inner-city high schoolers. The organization named “Imagine Englewood If” had been awarded a grant to come to Washington, D.C., and explore the nation’s capital. The group’s community activist Executive Director is Mrs. Jean Carter-Hill. After testimonies from Mrs. Carter-Hill and the sponsors of the trip, the entire group was treated to a sumptuous dinner by Bishop Kim and the ACLC.

“IMAGINE ENGLEWOOD IF” can be most easily explained by its Mission Statement:


• To develop and establish community linkages that enable residents to improve their quality of life and strengthen families.


• To create a community where organizations and institutions form effective partnerships.

• To establish a community where individuals and organizations, have access to information they need to improve the quality of life and strengthen families.

• To live in a community where residents actively seek a social change.

Englewood is one of the poorest and most difficult communities in Chicago. For 16 years our dear friend Rev. Dr. Shirley Coleman served as the alderwoman of the community, and we worked with her on many projects, including Service for Peace. So this was a wonderful opportunity to host and serve these 50 beautiful inner-city kids.

After dinner our WAIT team entertained the group to shouts and applause from all. The evening closed with prayer and a beautiful group picture. Please check out the Imagine Englewood IF website: 

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