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Report on Prayer Breakfast

Bruce Sutchar
January 25, 2007

ACLC Co-Convener, the Pastor T.L. Barrett, Jr., volunteered his newly renovated Life Center Church of God in Christ as the venue to host Chicagoís first monthly prayer breakfast of 2007. This is the very same church that had hosted our True Motherís very first public speech in a church so many years before and the same church that had flown the very first Family Federation flag in America on a pole which True Mother had donated. Although Rev. Rendel was attending a district directors meeting in Washington, D.C., and the Chicago area had been hit with a Martin Luther King, Jr., snowstorm over the weekend, the program went on without incident. Granted that it took some guests over 2 hours to arrive through the ice-covered morning rush hour, the ACLC hosts took good care of the earlier arriving guests.

I had actually invited over 8 guests to the event. Two pastors that I had met are deeply involved with a ministry that is working to bring peace in the Middle East. One is part of a group from Minneapolis that had already sent participants to our Middle East Peace Initiative in Israel. A second guest had been met at a Jesse Jackson "Operation Rainbow Push." breakfast. Not only did she attend on one dayís notice, but she brought 2 more guests with her. In all, out of nearly 100 guests there were about 15 people who were attending for the very first time.

Chicago is now preparing for Hyun Jin Nimís arrival later this week. For that reason we are really focusing on younger ministers. However, Chicago also has the makings of establishing the very first GFWP (Geriatric Federation for World Peace), what with the likes of Rev .M. E. Sardon (95), Rev. James Bass (86), Bishop Melvin Crawford (82) and Rev..A.I. Dunlap (76) who are all going strong as we enter this 7th year of the Cheon IL Gook.

The congregation was treated to a selection of sacred music from Pastor Barrett and then a wonderful report from Pastor Cartha McKenzie, who had just participated in Chicagoís highly publicized Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service. This program was hosted and attended by Chicago Congressman and former Black Panther the Reverend Bobby Rush. While there were numerous services and breakfasts throughout the Chicago area honoring, Dr. King, Service for Peace seemingly provided the only service project in the entire city. The project consisted of making quilts to honor those who have fallen victim to violent crimes throughout Chicago.

Our guest speaker was Pastor Monet Beverly, who had driven up through the snow the 180 miles from Indianapolis. She delivered a beautiful sermon based on the book of Daniel 6: 1-4. She spoke about the spirit of excellence. She preached that excellence honors the word of God, and she challenged the congregation to demonstrate excellence in their understanding of the word of God. She implored the congregation to be careful not to speak evil words of others and to ask God for help in everything we do.

After the service, as per usual for Chicago, the guests remained in fellowship for quite some time. In fact, Pastor Barrett invited everyone to go upstairs to the main sanctuary.

There nearly 20 or 30 people held hands and prayed to inaugurate this beautifully renovated synagogue. Eighty-six-year-old Pastor James Bass prayed for over 20 minutes and afterward Pastor Barrett commented that he hoped that the shingles on the new roof had been battened down, otherwise Pastor Bassí prayer may have just about blown them off.

Rev. Jenkins had preached in this same church just two days earlier. Now as we began to depart there was a deep feeling that the fellowship that has been cultivated over these past 10 years is about to explode in an array of activities throughout this coming year. Life Center has already been chosen to host Hyun Jin Nimís visit in just four days, and there is a feeling that after Dae Mo Nimís visit "all heaven is about to break loose."

God Bless you, America!

Great victories await us throughout 2007.

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