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Chicago June Prayer Breakfast

Bruce Sutchar
June 20, 2006
Chicago, IL

Something dramatic is happening in Chicago, especially in relation to our work with the ministers. For the past 2 months, at our monthly prayer breakfast, there has been a strong and powerful spirit, beyond anything that this author has recently experienced. It’s not based on numbers or venue, environment or location, but based on the movement and work of the Cheon Il Geuk Holy Spirit. I reported this same phenomenon last month, but as we gathered for our June prayer breakfast the same spirit manifested itself once again, and this time it was even stronger and more holy. Its presence was quite apparent to all assembled.

June 20th was the final day of spring as we were gathering at the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church on Chicago’s great South Side. Our host pastors were Rev. Ollie James and his son, who has now taken over the reins of the leadership of the church. As this author arrived after traveling 1 ˝ hours through Chicago’s summer morning rush hour, the program was just beginning.

Bishop Kim gave the welcoming remarks and our dear friend and "street fighter from the ‘hood," Pastor Joseph McAfee, was serving as our Master of Ceremonies.

Dr. Leonard Porter addressed the body concerning Copeland College, a new institution of higher learning which offers preparation for the ministry and is located just south of Chicago. He has invited this author, representing True Father and Bishop Kim, to sit on the inaugural board of directors.

After a beautiful solo from Mrs. Kazumi Murray (wife of Chicago’s ACLC regional representative) we were treated to the video presentation that was shown during True Mother’s tour, "Blessed Family and the Ideal of Peace."

Next, Pastor Willie Weston, who had delivered the homily for the May prayer breakfast, gave a short testimony. Rev. Weston has been hosting Chicago’s monthly Divine Principle study for the past 16 months. He gave testimony to the power of the Divine Principle and True Family Values in his life, his family and his church community. He then invited all participants to join the Divine Principle Study next week, when the topic will be "True Father’s Life Course."

But the highlight of the morning was still at hand. 86 year old Pastor James Bass, the "daddy of the west side" of Chicago, gave remarks and thanked the congregation for honoring him on his 86th birthday last month. He then turned the podium over to the Rev. Kenneth Giles, the pastor who has succeeded him to the pulpit at Mt. Olive.

Rev. Giles is quite a serious pastor. He is a working pastor, working 40-50 hours every week in the private sector. He has a beautiful family and is about to become a grandfather for the very first time. Especially important, he has been able to inherit the mantle from one of the most powerful and influential pastors in Chicago. This alone is an incredible feat -- inheriting the mantle from the founding and longtime pastor of a bedrock church is no easy task. Many young pastors have never been able to ascend this mountainous task. But Rev. Giles is in no way typical. He continues to honor Mt. Olive’s founding pastor, and yet he has assumed full leadership of the congregation in his own right.

Rev. Giles spoke to us on the topic "The God of Another Chance." He read from Ezekiel and preached about the value and the sanctity of the family. His theme was the difference between seeking value and seeking values. He reminded us that we didn’t find God, but rather that it was God who had found us. His conclusion, while reading the 23rd Psalm, was simply that "nothing should separate us from the love of God."

Upon his conclusion, we were treated to remarks from our ACLC National Board founder, Pastor T.L. Barrett, Jr. And as with nearly every meeting chaired by Bishop Kim, we adjourned on time.

So many heavenly things and significant relationships had taken place during the past 2 hours. Bishop Kim had just shared about his June 13th experience in Chung Pyung and had quietly announced that Father had changed his mission. This author had personally just hosted our local Hoon Dok Church’s first annual neighborhood barbeque with over 20 attendees. True Mother and the True Children are continuing to tour across the world, and America is readying itself for an explosion in the direction of heaven.

Have a great summer, America.

The very first summer in the age of the true Cheon Il Geuk.

God Bless you, America!

Love from Chicago!

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